Avatar - Review of the Game

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Avatar - Game Review

Just when the heat generated by Avatar the film had begun to simmer down, along comes the videogame (by UBI Soft). Comparisons are inevitable! If you’ve watched Avatar, will the game be utterly, boringly predictable? On the other hand, if you skipped the movie, will the game leave you cross-eyed with confusion?

If You Have Watched Avatar

Naturally, you’ll experience déjà vu, since the scene of action is Pandora. You will revisit the lush, magical landscapes and exquisite creatures of the Na’vi world. However, the game is not a reiteration of the movie’s script. Instead, it takes you to Pandora’s past and offers a prequel to the movie’s story as you navigate through the levels. As a result, the game makes sure that things remain eventful and not too familiar.

If You Haven’t Watched Avatar

The game will take a little getting used to, since you’re unfamiliar with the background and premise of the film. With no explanations offered, you’re expected to jump in and figure out who the Na’vi and the RDA are, what Unobtanium is, or even what an avatar is, all on your own. That could leave you feeling a little foxed, initially. Not to worry, rocket science it ain’t! Once you’ve  figured out that the Na’vi are an alien race residing on Pandora (a planet with an abundant supply of a precious substance called Unobtanium) and that the hired military company (RDA) intends  annihilating the Na’vi to mine the Unobtanium, you are motivated enough to get going.

As Abel Ryder, an RDA recruit who has a Na’vi avatar, you must choose whether you’re pro- or anti-Na’vi. The two scenarios plunge you into very different experiences although you'll have access to a lot of similar powers. The game lasts from four to six hours. You can also play the schizophrenic, taking up both sides one by one to double up the total playtime.

Though many critics slammed it as being predictable and unenergetic, Avatar – The Game makes for an overall engaging experience. Reasonably priced, it is available in two editions (standard and special) on multiple platforms including Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and the Xbox 360

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