How to Curb Impulse Shopping

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5 Rules for Impulsive Shoppers

You’re looking for a cool pair of dark wash jeans. An hour later, you end up with the perfect pair of denims, but you also bought a black skirt, a sundress, and a pair of high heels.

Sounds familiar?

If so, you might just be an impulsive shopper. Impulsive buying is addictive, but you can break the habit by following these five rules:


1. Make a List And Stick to It

Impulse shopping happens when you don’t have a plan. Jot down the items you need and adhere to that list when you shop. If you’re craving some munchies and they’re not on your list, don’t buy them. Ditto for clothes – evaluate your wardrobe before you go shopping.

2. Set Yourself a Weekly Budget

Impulse buying can rapidly drain your bank account. Plan your expenses and set a weekly budget. Don’t be overly harsh on yourself – set aside a reasonable amount of money for each week and do not exceed that amount. No matter what!

3. Plan Major Purchases

If it’s time to buy some new furniture or appliances, research these items ahead of time. For example, go online and check the specs of that laptop you like. See if other brands offer you similar specs at a cheaper price. Also, be patient and wait for clearance sales.

4. Never Buy the Latest in Electronic or Computer Equipment

Even if you’re a complete gadget freak, it’s a good idea to wait a few weeks before buying electronic goods or computer equipment. Electronic companies inevitably lower the prices of their products a few weeks after launching them in order to survive competition. Your restraint can save you money.

5. Compare Prices

Stores will often mark up the price on items by say, 80% and then announce a ‘50% off on everything’ sale. So the next time you fall in love with that little black dress that ‘originally’ cost R700, and is on ‘sale’ for R200, ask yourself if it’s really a steal. Also compare prices of similar items across stores to get the most value for your money.


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