Buying a Sedan - the Ten Best Sedans in July 2010

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The Ten Best Sedan Cars

Here’s a list of the ten best sedans around. Astute readers will note that one of the most popular cars, the Toyota Corolla, is not on the list. With the recall of many Toyota models, including the Corolla, because of a possible faulty accelerator pedal, we decided not to include the Corolla in the list.

Chevrolet Cruze:

The Cruze comes with an amazing range of features and accessories. It boasts a MP3, CD audio system and an appealing dual-cockpit design with two-tone upholstery.

The Cruze has a range of models, with a choice of 1.6-litre or 1.8-litre petrol or 2-litre diesel engines and 16-inch or 17-inch wheels. The Cruze has the only six-speed automatic gearbox in its class, or you can choose the five-speed manual version.

Kia Cerato:

The Cerato offers good competition for its foreign counterparts. It has a range of 1.6-litre engines fitted to a four-door sedan or five-door hatchback, with the top of the range being a 2-litre, four-door diesel manual.

Standard features include power steering, air conditioning and electric windows. With space for four adults and ample boot space, the Cerato offers good value for money.

Ford Focus:

Safety is a key feature of the Focus, with its Intelligent Protection System (IPS) which monitors for impacts to deploy the relevant safety features.

That said, the Focus  offers sporty performance, thanks to the rigid chassis and independent rear suspension. Three petrol engines, ranging from 1.8-litre up to the top of the range 2.5-litre fitted to the Focus ST, are coupled to a range of manual and automatic transmissions.

Mazda 3:

The Mazda 3 comes in a range of models from the four cylinder 1.6-litre 1.6L Original up to the four cylinder 2.0-litre, six speed manual 2.0L Individual. There’s also the Mazda 3 Sport edition or the Mazda 3 MPS, with its 2.3-litre, turbo enhanced engine and limited-slip differential.

Comfort is good for four adults and the boot, with 430-litre capacity, can take a lot of luggage.

Honda Civic:

The Honda Civic is well engineered. With a basic model sedan equipped with a 1.8-litre engine, up to the 2.2 diesel engine that powers the CTDi Hatchback, the range has a high level of standard features such as ABS brakes and an integrated sound system with auxiliary MP3 audio connection and a remote boot opener.

When you move up to the higher end of the range, the Civic comes with a range of luxury features, including climate control, 16-inch alloy wheels and a full leather interior.

Subaru Legacy:

The latest Legacy range continues the traditions that set apart the first Legacy models from the competition 20 years ago.

The Legacy range starts with the 2.0i Premium up to the 2.5 GT Premium. All models in the range have an impressive boot capacity of 476 litres. The latest Legacy has the proven all-wheel drive technology, providing maximum traction and road grip.

Citroen C5:

Citroen is known as a highly individual company when it comes to innovation and engineering, and the C5 doesn’t disappoint. The C5 features a V6 diesel motor that is both powerful but fuel-efficient.

The Citroen tradition for quirkiness is continued with the steering wheel rim that revolves around the hub. Ride settings can be varied between Comfort, Normal and Sport mode. The Citroen is a luxury sedan, not a sports car.

BMW 5-Series Sedan:

The BMW 5-Series is a luxury business sedan with innovative technology. Options like Park Assist and Heads-Up Display are not just marketing tricks – they also offer extra safety and assistance that makes life that little bit more comfortable.

The model uses energy created during braking to reduce fuel consumption and charge the battery and the automatic transmission has 8 gears which provides undetectable gear changes and a very smooth ride.

Jaguar XF:

The average age of the design and engineering team for the XF is just 34 and the model is obviously designed to appeal to the younger generation.

As soon as you climb in and close the door, the start button on the central console begins to pulse in time with your heartbeat and the revolutionary automatic transmission selector knob rises from the console.

Standard features include leather interiors and power adjusted front seats, while the XF offers a choice of two new engines, a 4.2-litre V8 or the 5.0-litre V8 model.

BMW 3-Series Sedan:

The small brother to the 5-Series Sedan, the 3-Series has much of the technological wizardry from the 5-Series, such as the active cruise control and adaptive headlights that turn to follow the curve of a road.

It features “run-flat” tyres that enable you to continue driving for as much as 150 kilometres after a puncture. So confident are the BMW engineers that the 3-Series doesn’t have a spare tyre, freeing up boot space for your extra!

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