Low-cost Guide to Great, Stress-free Kids' Parties - Part II: Young Children

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Low-cost Guide to Great, Stress-free Kids’ Parties - Young Children


At three to six years of age, your children are ready for some serious fun at their birthday parties. Stick to these simple rules of party planning for young kids and you’ll be able to give your children a memorable and fun party without burning a hole in your pocket.





Guests: Limit the number of child guests at the party – remember you want to keep things manageable. A simple rule is to invite as many children as your child’s age plus one. So if your child is turning five, invite six guests. Their parents are likely to accompany them which will expand your guest list.

Duration: Children of this age are full of energy, so a party time of about two hours is just perfect.
Time: Try to aim for mid-afternoon. That would allow the kids (and their parents) to enjoy some lunch and soft drinks. If you prefer evenings, that’s okay too but remember that kids need to wind down for bedtime.

Themes: Pick something that your child loves and run with it. Kids love to dress up so think of themes such as pirates, monsters, wildlife, superheroes, princesses, fairies, cartoon characters, animation movies, nature, outer space, witches and wizards. Give each guest a costume accessory (eye patches, wands, cat ears, capes, tiaras etc.) in keeping with the theme as they arrive.

Games: Some popular games you could have the kids play include Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Piñatas, Musical Chairs, Catch the Balloon, Simon Says and general decorating and drawing. Keep the games short to avoid boredom.

Food: Go for low-mess foods and balance healthy eats with treats. Choose from crackers, chocolate-coated fruit wedges, sweets, bite size donuts, cupcakes, ice cream cups, cookies, vegetable crisps, mini pitas with meatballs, popcorn and juice. Don’t forget the birthday cake – choose one that’s theme based or something simple and colourful.

Party bags: Don’t go for expensive party favours; at this age, children simply don’t care. A simple gift like a sticker book, gingerbread man, colouring book, water pistol, or a bracelet made from sweets is more than enough to keep your little guests happy.



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