Low-cost Guide to Great, Stress Free Kids' Parties - Part IV: Tweens and Teens

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Low-cost Guide to Great, Stress-free Kids’ Parties – Tweens and Early Teens

Planning a birthday party for your teen or pre-teen can be an overwhelming task because at that age, they’re conscious of peer pressure, expectations, self-image and so much more. With a little advance planning and patience, you’ll be able to throw a memorable party for your teen. Here are some handy tips.


Guests: This is the easy part because your child will tell you who he or she wants at the party. Don’t let them invite the whole class – just a close circle of friends.

Duration: Three to four hours for a regular party and of course, overnight for a sleepover.

Home party: Arrange for numerous games and activities so they don’t feel bored. Consider games like 20 Questions and Charades, and board games like MonopolyScrabble, Pictionary and 30 Seconds,.


Food: Dinner could be a braai with burgers and fizz floats, or tacos, burgers, sandwiches and wraps. You can also make one big bowl of pasta, macaroni, or chilli. If you’re having a sleepover, serve up some pizza – treat them to a take-away or let them bake their own. Allow midnight snacks, but avoid anything too salty, sugary or with additives.


Sleepovers: Sleepovers are really popular for pre-teens and teens. Allow them to watch an age-appropriate film or play videogames on the Xbox, Wii or Playstation. They can also have fun with karaoke – hire or borrow a machine and use a musical computer game like Singstar. If it’s an all-girl group, how about fun activities like makeovers or spa/pamper sessions? 

Tips for Surviving a Sleepover

Invite 4-6 same sex guests and ask them to bring sleeping bags and toiletries. Decide on lights out ahead of time to avoid last minute, unseemly arguments. Inform your child’s guests that they can call their parents and/or go home if they want to.

Let your teen feel independent – consult him/her for party-related decisions; be available when she/he needs you, but don’t micromanage.


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