Movie Reviews - August 2010 - Part II

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Knight and Day

This was to have been Hollywood’s summer blockbuster – and who better to deliver than Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in an action-packed, fun outing? Unfortunately, the audience, particularly the under 20s who drive box-office results during holiday time weren’t as enthused about 48-year-old Cruise and 38-year-old Diaz as perhaps their parents would have been. Age notwithstanding, these two are the best part of Knight and Day – their sheer star power salvages the movie from its formulaic screenplay and paper-thin plot. Dig into your popcorn and enjoy the ride!



Shrek Forever After

In this fourth and final instalment of the Shrek franchise, the lovable, green ogre struggles to cope with mid-life blues. The charms of domesticity and parenting have begun to pall – isn’t there more to life, huh? If you’ve loved the earlier films, Shrek Forever After won’t disappoint. Mike Myers is Shrek’s “voice”, Eddie Murphy is Donkey and Antonio Banderas is Puss in Boots. Once more, Shrek’s “humanity” wins hearts – and wallets.




Step up 3D

Yet another franchise – the Step Up series – offers a third film, Step Up 3D, directed by John Chu. Starring Rick Malambri, Adam G. Savani and Sharni Vinson among others, the plot revolves around a hip-hop dance group who must win a $100,000 dance competition if Luke (Malambri), their broke patron, is to retain the apartment where they congregate for dance practice (sorry, no prizes for guessing the conclusion). Hip-hop aficionados will undoubtedly relish the passion and verve of the youthful dancers. But anyone looking for a gripping storyline and reasonably good acting should reconsider their options.



Cats and Dogs – the revenge of Kitty Galore

This sequel to Cats and Dogs (2001) will have the kiddie audience in raptures and their parents cross-eyed with fatigue. Bette Midler voices Kitty Galore, a puss with ambitions of world domination, which she plans to achieve by turning the world’s dog population into crazed hounds. What follows is zany action –and loads of gags, an animated, 3-D Bond-meets-Naked Gun with Mission Impossible thrown in just for fun. Sounds tiring? Watch it for the kids, anyway.



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