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The Mongoose bat marks the single most radical change to cricket equipment since 1771. It caught the attention of the cricket world during the 2009 IPL. That is when Matthew Hayden used it with such gusto and success that very soon cricket players the world over wanted to have a Mongoose bat.

So, what exactly is so attention-grabbing about this bat?

The first thing that strikes you when you see it is that it looks different. Very different. The Mongoose bat has a shorter blade and a longer handle than traditional cricket bats.  It also has chunky edges. 

There are two basic models of the Mongoose bat: one with the radically shortened blade, and the other one with a longer blade (but still shorter than in conventional bats). Both models feature another big design leap (besides shortening the blade and lengthening the handle):  the splice is buried in the handle, rather than in the blade. The result is the absence of a ¿bad spot¿: in Mongoose bats, the entire surface of the blade is the ¿sweet spot¿.
After you get over how unusual it looks, the second thing that strikes you about Mongoose bats is their quality. They are fashioned from top-quality willow and are made to the highest of standards.

All of the above translates into increased power, faster bat speed and better manoeuvrability. According to tests, the Mongoose will now offer batsmen the potential of 20% more power and 15% more bat speed than a conventional bat.

With a Mongoose bat, you as the batsman can select your shot later, or even change it in a split second, putting you at a crucial advantage over the bowler.

Even though it looks so different, a Mongoose bat weighs the same as a conventional bat and feels pretty much the same. Close your eyes and the chances are you won¿t feel any difference. This makes the transition very easy and pain-free: you can use the new, revolutionary bat without changing your style or technique.

Simply hold the bat in the same way you would hold any bat. Play shots you would play with any bat. You only need to get used to the extra power that allows you to hit balls harder, later in the shot.

True, a Mongoose bat by itself will not make a cricket pro out of you.  But, if you have the skills, the Mongoose will maximise your runs better than any other bat.

The bat is approved by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) to be used in every level of the game, worldwide. So just enjoy the added power and the bigger sweet spot. In spite of its radical design, the MCC Laws sub-committee has confirmed that the patent-pending Mongoose bat is legal and is allowed to be used in all levels of cricket. Because it can be lighter in weight while still offering great power, the Mongoose is ideal for players of all abilities as well as juniors.

What cricket players of note say about Mongoose bats:

Roelof van der Merwe, the South African Titans player who has represented South Africa in Limited overs cricket: ¿The Mongoose bat gives more power and dynamics to every hit. When you hit the ball, you really hit the ball.¿

Stuart Law, the Australian legend: ¿With a Mongoose, I mostly don¿t even feel the ball on the bat; such is sweetness of the middle.¿

Michael Brown, the Surrey batsman: ¿The Mongoose helps players to keep their shape for longer in a stroke¿.

Ebony-Jewel Rainford-Brent, England international: ¿The Mongoose will make cricket even more exhilarating for players and more explosive for audiences ¿ more fours, more sixes, more balls hit out of the ground. I¿m looking forward to putting it to the test out in the middle.¿

Matthew Hayden, the Chennai Super Kings¿ player: ¿The Mongoose has the potential to revolutionize cricket. Without changing your technique, the bat allows you to hit the ball harder and further. Its power is phenomenal.¿

Mongoose Bat fact sheet:

  • The Mongoose bat has been designed specifically for Twenty20.
  • The Mongoose is the most radical change to cricket bat design since 1771.
  • The MCC Laws sub-committee has confirmed that the Mongoose bats are legal and allowed to be used in all levels of cricket. They conform to the new version of Law 6 and Appendix E, which came into force on 1st October 2008.
  • The Mongoose MMi3 bat won the prestigious Sports Industry Award for Technological Innovation in Sport 2010; previous winners include the Speedo all-in-one swimsuit in 2009 and by Hawkeye in 2008.
  • The Mongoose has been scientifically proven by Imperial College to offer batsmen 20% more power and 15% more bat speed than a conventional bat.
  • The Mongoose allows you to hit harder and further without changing the way you play.
  • The Mongoose¿s blade is 33% shorter and its handle 43% longer than a conventional bat.
  • The splice, usually located in the blade of the bat, is incorporated in the handle, which ensures there is no dead spot in the hitting area of the bat.
  • The Mongoose also reconfigures the shoulders of the bat by dropping them down nine inches. The weight taken from the shoulders ¿ about 20 per cent of the blade weight ¿ is redistributed to the back of the new, shorter blade.
  • The Mongoose is the invention of Marcus Codrington Fernandez, former Global Creative Director for one of the biggest advertising networks in the world.
  • The players using the Mongoose bat in first class cricket will include: Rudolf van der Merwe, Alviro Petersen, Matthew Hayden, Adrian Shankar, Stuart Law, Andrew Symonds, Azhar Mahmood, Chamara Kapugedera, Dwayne Smith, Ian Blackwell, and many more.

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