Back Pain - Common Causes and How to Prevent It

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A Pain in the Back

It’s the rare adult who doesn’t experience back pain at some point in his or her life. Our modern lifestyle itself seems to be the villain. Wise up on these commonly overlooked causes of back pain and save yourself a great deal of agony, not to mention hefty medical bills.



Standing and Sitting

How conscious are you of your posture? Invariably, whether standing at a street corner or chatting at the coffee machine, we slouch, shift our body weight to one leg or lean on a convenient lamp post or wall. Over time, these unwitting deeds adversely affect muscle balance and joint functions.

Daily yoga stretches work wonders to help muscles cope with all kinds of demands. Therapists recommend jumping on a trampoline to boost the body’s overall strength which in turn helps maintain good posture.

Sitting too is hazardous for your health! Our bodies are designed for movement, not the kind of prolonged near immobility that average office goers are subjected to. Sitting for long periods puts pressure on the discs in your spine. Even twenty somethings are not immune from back problems!

Poorly designed computer work stations make you hunch and stretch your arms to touch the keyboard, thereby straining the back, shoulders, neck and wrist. Ensure that your monitor is at eye level and your arm is supported by the desk. Most importantly, take frequent breaks, walk and stretch those back muscles!

Women’s Woes

Could you ever guess that your bra may be causing those nasty twinges in your back? Women are often too critical of themselves, overestimating the width of their backs and underestimating their bra cup size. Many large stores offer free services where trained staff will measure you accurately; take their advice and select lingerie that’s both comfortable and supportive.

Can’t do without your Jimmy Choo’s? Your back certainly can. High heels cause the pelvis to tilt forward unnaturally, tightening the lower back muscles. The pain can be agonising and the damage to your back permanent. If you cannot give up heels, try alternating them with other footwear. Exercises like lunges and squats will strengthen your gluteal muscles.


An awkward double movement – leaning forward and twisting right – can squeeze a nerve, triggering a nasty muscle spasm. This could happen in a host of situations – at home, in the office or in your garden – careful does it!

Bend your knees when leaning forward or picking up something heavy – this takes some of the load off your back.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium efficiently from the small intestine. Deficiency in this vitamin leads to poor skeletal health resulting in chronic muscle pains. While this deficiency is more common among the elderly, young and healthy adults could also suffer from it.

Take supplements and increase your dietary intake of vitamin D with eggs, oily fish and dark, green vegetables.




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