Selecting the Right Motorcycle to Suit Your Needs, Lifestyle and Expectations

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Selecting the Right Motorcycle to Suit Your Needs, Lifestyle and Expectations

There¿s no doubt that motorcycling appeals to all ages. It can be enjoyed by anyone with a sense of adventure, but before you rush out and throw your money at that latest bike in the showroom, consider your needs, lifestyle and expectations.

Is your decision to select a motorcycle based on financial needs? Do you view it as a cheaper form of transport than a car? It is certain that running costs are less with a motorcycle, but replacement parts can be expensive, and even a small accident can cause expensive damage to a bike with lots of plastic panels.

If you are choosing on the grounds of economy, consider a second-hand, well-known brand. But remember that you may be faced with earlier maintenance and repair costs than with a new model. Take an experienced friend with you to view the bike before parting with your money.

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you into touring and travelling? If you are the outdoors type, you¿ll probably want to go for an off-road bike, designed to get you, well, off-road. On the other hand, if you are looking at spending some time exploring the country on highways, then a touring bike built for long, comfortable trips would be a better choice.

But if you just want to get on a motorcycle at weekends and have fun, then a sports bike is your best bet. While touring bikes can be fun to ride, you¿ll soon get tired if you like to buzz around tight and twisty corners.

For simply travelling to work, consider a standard street bike, a compact commuter model that is fuel efficient and easy to ride.
The expectations you have from your motorcycle will also impact on your choice. But unless you¿re an experienced rider, don¿t set your expectations too high. A motorcycle can be a lethal machine in inexperienced hands, so as a beginner, you can¿t expect to go out and perform like Valentino Rossi or Mick Doohan.

Aim high with your expectations from motorcycling, but be realistic and choose your bike accordingly. If you¿re new to motorcycling, go for a smaller capacity model.
You are more likely to enjoy it than a top of the line sports bike which could be rather terrifying for a beginner.

If you¿re returning to motorcycling after a few years¿ absence, take the time to attend a riders¿ refresher course or read up about it in a manual or magazine. It¿s amazing what you forget.

It is important to also ensure all your motorcycling gear is up to scratch. Check your helmet, goggles, and boots: And it would also be worth your while to invest in a new motorcycling jacket so you really look the part.

 Above all, remember that motorcycling is fun, fun, fun. 


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