Most Popular TV Shows for Holiday Viewing - Part 2

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Most Popular TV Shows - Part 2
A plane crashes on an unknown island. The survivors must constantly battle The Others, the island¿s hostile residents. This simple plot wove itself into a television series filled with twists and turns that have hooked viewers for six years and generated endless discussions on its symbolism and adrenalin-pumping sequences.
 Prison Break
This jail series drama has a complex, if logic-defying plot. Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller)  holds up a bank so he can get into jail and bust out his sibling Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), who¿s on death row for killing the Vice-President¿s brother. Michael, you see, is the structural engineer who designed the prison! Good performances and well shot sequences make for an entertaining watch.
If you thought medical sitcoms have been done to death, Scrubs should change your mind. This sharp, inventive and delightfully insane comedy is inhabited by a bunch of wacky, but endearing characters who are positively addictive. Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke lead the ensemble cast, each of whom vies for acting honours.
 Sex and the City
SATC¿s intensely feminine perspective raised the bar for chick-flicks to a level that has yet to be crossed. Its four designer-clad heroines, garnered a huge fan following with Carrie Bradshaw¿s character, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, becoming a household name.   Based on Candace Bushnell¿s novel of the same name, it¿s a funny, warm and ironic look at the love lives of four New Yorkers.
 Ugly Betty
This comedy drama is an adaptation of a popular Colombian telenovela that chronicles the life of a toothy, bespectacled fashion journalist. A cast of colourful, if one dimensional characters and loads of screwball comedy livens the show. Watch it for America Ferrara¿s consistently good performance as the endearingly plain Betty.
 The Big Bang Theory
Critics panned this sitcom, but plenty of viewers gave The Big Bang Theory thumbs- up for its wacky look into the world of geek culture. It¿s funny, smart and you don¿t really need the laugh track to get chuckling.  Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon, holds this one together with his comic brilliance.
 Las Vegas
This five season drama from NBC that aired from 2003-2008 is a fun watch thanks to a racy script and action-packed sequences. Hollywood icon James Caan is Ed Deline, operations head at Montecito Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. A slew of celeb guests which includes Paris Hilton, Criss Angel, Alec Baldwin, Dennis Hopper, Sylvester Stallone and more, up the glamour quotient.
 The Kardashians
Women everywhere have loved this reality show, featuring the glamorous Kardashian siblings Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and their stepfather, Bruce Jenner. The ups and downs of this family¿s crazy domestic life, sends ratings northwards with every successive season.
 Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore comes from MTV, which pioneered reality shows. The action is set in Seaside Heights, a rather downmarket resort town some distance from New Jersey. Here, the housemates are a group of young Italian-Americans who seek to entertain you in various ways, from whooping it up on the boardwalk to engaging in energetic, if aimless arguments, punctuated with colourful language.
Is there anyone in the civilized world who hasn¿t heard of Friends? When the series finally wound up after ten seasons, millions of TV viewers went into serious withdrawal. Such was the impact of this delightful series about a group of close-knit buddies who frequently meet up at their homes or at Central Perk, a Greenwich Village coffee bar.
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