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The Samsung Galaxy also known as the i7500 when first introduced in April 2009 was the Korean manufacturer¿s first mobile phone to use the Android operating system. The model has since been upgraded to firstly the i5700, known as the Galaxy Lite and then to the i5800, known as the Galaxy S.

The Android open source operating system was purchased by Google in 2005 and is based on the Linux operating system. A large number of developers work to write applications also known as apps specifically for the Android system, with an estimated 100,000 apps available for Android users.

But back to the Samsung offering. The Galaxy is not just a mobile phone, it¿s a smartphone, that is, a small handheld computer that uses a single microchip to handle all operations, dramatically increasing processing speeds over other mobile phones that typically use multiple chips for different operations, such as video, sound and more.

The initial i7500 Galaxy featured a 3.2-inch capacitive touch screen, a 5-megapixel camera with a power LED flash unit and offered connectivity via USB 2.0, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The unit was surprisingly slim, measuring just 115 mm x 56 mm x 11.9 mm and weighing in at just 116 grams.

Criticisms aimed at the i7500 included a lack of available firmware updates and a poor battery life in comparison with other smartphones.

The successor to the i7500, the i5700 had basically the same features as its predecessor; however the touch screen was changed to a 3.2-inch LCD version and the camera downgraded to a 3.2-megapixel autofocus camera. The major improvement with the new version was an increase in processor speed, up to 800 MHz.

The latest version of the Galaxy, the i5800, now includes a larger 1,500-mAh battery that offers improved performance over the initial battery in the i7500. However, the processor speed has been reduced to 667 MHz and the in-built camera also reduced to 3.0-megapixels. The camera does however feature a 3x-zoom facility. Memory has been upgraded from the 140 MB on the i5700 up to 170 MB.

Overall, the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy is perhaps a trifle complex for the average user. The phone comes with two different versions of the Android operating system launcher Samsung¿s Home Screen and the Orange Home Screen together with three different methods of setting up external email accounts. But if you can overcome these unnecessary complications, the phone performs well.


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