How to Set Up a Work from Home Office

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How to Set Up a Work from Home Office

In these tough economic times, many people consider setting up a business that can be driven from home. While it sounds like a great idea, there are several factors that need consideration before you start, particularly in the way you set up your home office.

Space and furniture
The size of your business will determine your office requirements. If you are a single person in the business, a small area set aside for your office will be fine. More than one person, then a little more space is needed. If you expect to have customers visiting your office, you may need a small, comfortable area in addition to your office work area.

It is well worth investing in good quality furniture such as a fully adjustable office chair and desk otherwise you may find yourself spending less time than you should at your desk. Take the time to select your furniture. Don¿t be afraid to try before you buy. Remember you will be spending several hours each day sitting on that chair and working at that desk.

Organise, organise!
A clutter-free office makes for efficiency and saves time too!. Get a suitable filing cabinet and in- and out-trays. A set of bookshelves to hold important workbooks will help keep things in their place. Organise your computer, printer and telephone so they are within reach.  Invest in a good desk lamp so you can read documents without straining.

Depending on the size of your business, there are several critical items you may need in your home office. For example, you may need to invest in a good quality fax machine. There are many types on the market, but often a combination printer, photocopier and fax machine can be a good investment and it saves carrying different types of ink cartridges, paper and so on.

Your computer will be a vital part of your business, so go for the best you can afford. There¿s nothing more frustrating than a slow computer. Perhaps you don¿t need top of the range sound or graphics for a work computer, it is often better to invest in more memory, a faster processor or a larger USB Flash Drive.

Speaking of computers be sure to organise a regular backup schedule. You should backup critical files at least once a week, either to CD or USB Flash Drive, depending on size. Another option worth investigating is backing up to a remote server via the Internet. Many Internet service providers will offer this option and often you can set up an automatic backup schedule that runs in the background on your computer at regular intervals.

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