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Militaria Book Reviews

The collecting of militaria is a well-established hobby supported by a number of books on specific topics. But not all the books focus on military equipment.  There are a number of excellent books on personalities and actual battles to capture the imagination of any militaria enthusiast. Let¿s take a look at a few of them:
The M-1 Helmet: A History of the US M-1 Helmet in WWII
Author Mark A. Reynosa spent over seven years in researching for his book on the M-1 military helmet used by American GI¿s in World War 2. The book covers all aspects of the helmet, including the body, fibre lining, plastic lining, camouflage and paint schemes. A valuable reference source for historians and militaria collectors, the book has full colour photos of every production version, including detail pictures and production markings.
Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln
The historian Doris Kearns Goodwin analyses the relationships between Abraham Lincoln and three of his main rivals for the presidential nomination in 1860. The three men, William Seward, Edward Bates and Salmon Chase were originally opposed to Lincoln, but he eventually managed to gain their confidence, respect and admiration to the extent that they were all members of his administration.
The American Civil War: 365 Days
Of the many books covering the American Civil War, Margaret E. Wagner¿s 744-page epic features more than 500 images from the Library of Congress. The organisation of the book can sometimes be confusing, being arranged by topic rather than chronologically, which means that events shift from year to year within the major topic headings. If you are curious as to the contents of Lincoln¿s pockets following his death, you will find the answer here ¿ along with many other fascinating facts.
Faith of My Fathers
John McCain, together with co-author Mark Salter, has produced an astonishing story that recounts not only his own experiences as a naval aviator and a prisoner of war in Vietnam, but also tells of his grandfather, who was an aircraft carrier commander in World War 2, and his father, who was in command of naval forces during the Vietnam war. The faith referred to in the title is McCain¿s personal creed ¿ ¿In God, country and each other.¿
The Battle for Pusan: A Memoir
Addison Terry¿s compelling book is a personal account of the early days of the Korean War and was written during his recuperation from injuries sustained in the battle for the port of Pusan. North Korea¿s attack on South Korea, launched in June 1950, stunned the world and such was the ferocity that by August 1 the South was all but conquered except for Pusan.

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