Musical Instruments for Beginners

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Musical Instruments for Beginners

Learning to play and appreciate music from an early age is a great hobby. It is also beneficial to children¿s development, creativity, and self-expression. Consider the following musical instruments for kids as great gifts:

Violin: Violins are a good choice for children aged six or above since it¿s slightly complicated to learn and must be played standing upright. Violins are portable, relatively affordable, size-customisable, and easy to care for.

Cello: The cello is also a good choice for kids aged six and above. It is an intimidating-looking instrument and considerably difficult to learn but also one of the most beautiful instruments a child can learn to play. Cellos come in different sizes and must be played sitting down.

Double Bass: Most suitable for kids aged 10 and above, the double bass can be played either standing upright or sitting down (like the cello). It is the largest of all the string instruments and is probably suitable for teens and older.

Flute: An extremely popular choice for children, the flute is easy to master, take care of and carry around. Flutes are not expensive but because they require strong lungs, perfect posture, agile fingers and regular breathing exercises. These are great for young and old.

Clarinet: The clarinet is part of the woodwind family of instruments. It makes use of a reed that creates a sound when air is passed through it. Beginners will need to start off on a softer reed and then move to a stronger reed as their lungs and mouth strengthen.

Saxophone: Be it the soprano, tenor, or the alto sax, the saxophone is not just a great instrument to learn but it also helps strengthen your child¿s lungs and diaphragm. The breathing exercises associated with learning to play the sax also lead to a sense of confidence and calmness. Great for teens!

Trumpet: Mostly associated with jazz, the trumpet is a good choice for children aged 10 and above. It takes quite a while for a beginner to develop the right sound, but once achieved this is a great instrument and it is relatively affordable and easy to carry around.

Guitar: One of the most popular instruments among kids, the guitar can be picked up at the tender age of six or even younger! Stick with the acoustic or classical variety at first and then your child can graduate to electric versions.

Piano: The piano takes a lot of time to learn. One of the most soothing sounds that an instrument can produce, the piano remains a classic option for children. Consider looking for a second-hand upright piano to get started but be sure to ask about its condition.


Drums & Percussion: Playing drums is great fun. If you are averse to all the noise that a drum-kit can make, you might want to consider looking for an electronic drum set that can be used with earphones.

Parents should bear in mind that a child with a musical instrument can be very hard on the ears, especially in the early learning phases. However, the benefits of learning to play an instrument for the child's development are so great that the sacrifice is more than justified.

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