All You Need To Know About Psychic Readings

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All You Need To Know About Psychic Readings

History behind psychic readings
Pseudo-science, pure nonsense or reality? Moderns may dismiss psychic readings as wishful thinking for the weak-minded. However, psychic readings and phenomena associated with them are as old as mankind.
The concept of ¿auras¿ or subtle energy fields has been mentioned in Zoroastrianism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. Ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, Chinese and Indians observed the movement of celestial bodies and analysed their influence upon earthly affairs. Shamans or spiritual healers are revered in tribal cultures worldwide. In Europe, the art of reading cards to predict the future came into practice during the 14th century.

Definition of a psychic?
A psychic is an individual gifted with extraordinary powers. Psychic skills cover a wide range of abilities from crystal gazing, psychometry and distant reading to cartomancy, aura and rune reading.  Some psychics have the gift of prerecognition, or being able to predict the future.

A list of psychic readings

Aura reading
The power to ¿see¿ and interpret a person¿s aura or subtle energy field.  Auras come in different colours and individual variations.  Psychic readings of auras help to describe a person¿s state of physical and emotional health.

The art of predicting the future with a pack of regular playing cards. In recent times, Tarot card readings have become more popular. Tarot decks have 78 cards which a reader uses to describe the personality, relationships and future of a client.

The ability to discern things that lie beyond normal sensory perception. A clairvoyant typically works as a medium, through whom the spirits of the dead are able to communicate with living people.

Distant Reading
A psychic reader interprets a client¿s personality traits, relationships and future events without being face-to-face.

The capacity to divine information about an individual even in his absence, usually from an object he owns.

Rune reading
Runes are small tablets or tiles with letters from an ancient alphabet inscribed on them. To foretell the future, a rune reader casts these tiles on a mat and interprets the symbols. Runes have historically been associated with magic.

A modern version of witchcraft, linked to pre-Christian, pagan religions.  Its practitioners, known as Wiccans, worship two deities as aspects of a single godhead, similar to Taoism¿s yin and yang. Belief in ¿magick¿, esoteric rituals and spells are some aspects of Wicca. These practices are carried out using ritual tools such as the athame (knife), wand, chalice, candles and incense and various herbs.

Astrology is a form of divination based on the ancient belief that celestial bodies influence our fate. An astrologer predicts the course of a person¿s life by drawing up a horoscope or chart depicting the alignment of planets and stars at the time of the individual¿s birth.

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