Collectable Die Cast Toys

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Collectable Die Cast Toys

From trucks, cars and log loaders to freightliners, aeroplanes and tractors, collecting die cast toys and models is a favourite hobby for millions of people around the world.
What is die casting?

Die casting is the process in which molten metal is moulded into a cavity under very high pressure to take specific forms. Usually, die casts are made from copper, lead, zinc and magnesium. Although originally developed in the 19th century for the printing industry, die casting later became an enormously popular method for making toys for grownups as well as children!

Brief history of die cast toys
The first die cast toys appeared on the scene around the early 20th century with Meccano and Dowst Brothers credited as the first manufacturers. In the late 1940s, the popularity of die cast toys as collectible items soared in the UK and US, causing manufacturers such as Mattel, Mettoy, and Lesney to jump onto the bandwagon.

Die cast toys are often based on pop-media phenomena and so vehicles such as Batman¿s Batmobile, Noddy and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang have been beautifully reproduced in their die cast avatars.

Die cast toys come in various scale model sizes (measurement of size proportionality between the original and the model) depending on the targeted population. Scales aimed at adult collectors include 1:12, 1:18, 1:24, 1:32, and the most popular, 1:43.

Famous die cast brands and toys
Dinky: Some of their most famous toys include the 22a sports car, 22f tank, 30d Vauxhall, 40h Austin FX3 Taxi and Messerschmitt Bf 109E.

Hot Wheels: Mattel was quick to jump onto the die cast craze and some of its most popular toys include Lightning McQueen, Blastin' Buzz and the Ferrari 512 M.

Matchbox: GMC Steinlager Beer Truck, Ford F-100 Panel Delivery Truck and Mega Rig are some of the most memorable die cast toys from the Matchbox stable.

Corgi: Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress ¿Memphis Belle¿, PBY-5A Catalina and the Douglas C-47 Dakota ¿ Corgi has manufactured these and numerous other die cast versions of military aircraft.


Maisto: Maisto has launched extremely detailed die cast versions of classics like the BMW M5 Silver, 1957 Chevrolet Corvette, F6F Hellcat and Porsche 911 Carrera.

 Is it an expensive hobby?

Although there are some outrageously priced die cast toys out there, collecting them does not necessarily have to be an expensive hobby. In fact, most die cast toys are reasonably priced.

If you already have a sizeable die cast toy collection and are wondering what the value of your collection is, speak with an expert appraiser. Well maintained collections are always in demand on online shopping websites; who knows, you might just be able to make a small fortune by selling your collection!

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