Quad Biking in South Africa

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Quad Biking in South Africa

If you like the outdoors, enjoy the thrill of speed and exploring all types of countryside off road, then, quad biking could be just the thing for you.

Quad bikes, often called all-terrain vehicles, have a history dating back to 1893, when the British Royal Enfield sold the first powered quadracycle in England. It used mainly bicycle components and was steered by handlebars, just like the modern quad bike.

Almost 80 years later quad bikes as we know them today started to gain popularity, with Suzuki in particular developing a range of quad bikes in the 1980¿s, followed rapidly by Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha.

With such spectacular scenery in South Africa, it is no wonder that quad biking is so popular in the country. Here you can explore forests, waterfalls, scenic mountains and valleys, while experiencing the unique wildlife that abounds.
There are several companies that offer quad biking experiences all over the country, from the Eastern Cape, Free State, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, the Western Cape, Gauteng and Mpumalanga, so there is no shortage in the variety of terrains to explore.

The Western Cape offer trails that pass through mysterious indigenous forests, across the Breede River Valley and the Cape Whale Coast to reveal stunning views and unforgettable wildlife experiences.

If you elect to go quad biking in KwaZulu Natal, you can explore the magnificent Drakensberg Mountains, with spectacular views, while Mpumalanga gives you the opportunity to go quad biking in the Kruger National Park, travelling through both grasslands and wetlands.

The Vredefort Dome, in Free State, formed by the largest verified asteroid impact more than 2 billion years ago, is also a popular quad biking area. The terrain around the Dome offers open savannah country, mud and riverbeds challenging enough for the most adventurous quad biker. At the same time, there are sections for less experienced bikers.

Limpopo Province, heading north is rich in wildlife and you can explore along the Groot Letaba River and the mountains overlooking the George¿s Valley.

The Northern Cape Province, South Africa¿s largest and yet most sparsely populated region has a beautiful variety of spring wildflowers to view in the Namaqualand region on the west coast, while the Karoo region offers semi-desert conditions.

But you don¿t have to travel to the furthest extent of the country to enjoy quad biking in South Africa. Even in the close surrounds of the major cities, there are opportunities to explore twisty trails that take in sand hills and steep climbs.

South Africa and quad biking is truly a perfect match!

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