Board Games for the Whole Family

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Board Games for the Whole Family
Try these board games for a night of total fun, relaxation and family bonding.

Description: A classic murder mystery board game.
Year Published: 1949 ¿ Waddingtons/Hasbro
Game play: Six players in a house. All murder suspects, including you! Choose cards to determine your weapon and room. Collect clues along the way to solve the mystery of who killed Dr. Black, how and where!
No of players: 2-6
Age Group: 8 and up
Playing time: 15-45 minutes
Monopoly ¿ The world edition
Description: An exciting revision of the classic game of Monopoly that requires strategic thinking and financial planning.
Year Published: 2008 - Parker Brothers
Game play: Buy or pay rent for the property you land on. Collect properties of one colour group, build houses and hotels and trade your assets.
No of players: 2-6
Age Group: 8 and up
Playing time: Approximately 90 minutes
Description: Have fun while testing your flexibility and stamina!
Year Published: 1966 - Hasbro
Game play: Spread the Twister mat on a flat surface and take your shoes off. The referee spins the spinner, calls out names of body parts and colours. Players must follow the instructions. If you fall or touch the mat with your knees/elbow, you¿re eliminated. The last player wins the game.
No of players: 2 or more
Age Group: 6 and up
Playing time: Play until one person remains!
Trivial Pursuit ¿ Family Edition
Description: An entertaining combo of general knowledge and popular culture. Year Published: 1982 - Parker Brothers
Game play: Roll the die and move around the board answering general knowledge questions on a host of topics.
No of players: 2 or more
Age Group: 8 and up
Playing time: 30 minutes or more
Description: Comedy, excitement, and laughter. It¿s all a part of playing Pictionary, the sketching counterpart of Charades.
Year Published: 1985 - Parker Brothers/Hasbro
Game play: Each team takes turns. Making quick sketches, a player from one team seeks to convey to his team-mates, the word on a chosen card.
No of players: 4 or more
Age Group: 8 and up
Playing time: 60 minutes
Description: The classic game of word formation and vocabulary building, Scrabble is the perfect game for family fun.
Year Published: Varies - Hasbro/Mattel
Game play: Make words from letter tiles that you blind pick and earn points by adding letters to the tiles on the board. Each tile has points assigned to it. The more words you can make, the more points you earn. Making words using high value letters and by placing tiles on bonus areas on the board, is the way to get the most points and win the game.
No of players: 2-4
Age Group: 8 and up
Playing time: Approximately 60 minutes

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