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What is an eBook reader?

An eBook reader is an electronic handheld device built for the purpose of reading digitally published books, also known as eBooks. eBooks are the electronic counterpart of traditionally published books. You can download eBooks instantly onto your eBook reader and start reading, as opposed to traditional books which you’d buy from a bookstore or order online and then wait for it to reach you. 

Why buy an eBook reader?

All major publishing houses are going digital because it helps them trim production costs, increase distribution and maximise profits. Most books today come in two versions, the traditional hardcover/paperback and the new eBook version which is already beginning to outsell printed books.

In fact, according to the Association of American Publishers, sales of eBooks increased by 116% between January 2010 and January 2011.

What to look for in eBook readers?
If you’re an avid reader, you'll be glued to your eBook reader screen for several hours each day. So it’s important that you research the features of an eBook reader before buying it. Here’s an outline of what to look for when buying an eBook reader:

Dimensions: The average screen size of an eBook reader is about 6inch with an average weight of 250 grams with a screen definition of 600x800 pixels.
Operating system: Linux, Android and Windows are the most popular operating systems that eBook readers run on.
Battery life: A good eBook reader should be able to run for about a month on one charge. Some readers come with replaceable batteries while others do not. 
Storage space: eBooks readers come with about 2-3 Gigabyte of storage space, meaning you can store thousands of eBooks in your eBook reader!
Other options: Check for additional eBook features such as text-to-screen, integrated dictionary, card reader slots, web browsers and Wi-Fi, PDF reader and library archiving.

Types of eBook readers
There are dozens of eBook readers available in the market for you to choose from. The following is a list of some of the bestselling eBook readers:

Amazon’s Kindle (followed by Kindle 2, Kindle DX, Kindle 3 Wi-Fi, and the latest one, Kindle 3 Wi-Fi 3G).
Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Nook Colour
Sony’s Reader (Pocket Edition PRS 350, Touch Edition PRS 600 and 650, Daily Edition PRS 950 and many more)
Apple’s iPad
iRiver’s Story
Elonex’s eBook
BeBook Neo
Alex eReader
Kobo eReader
Notion Ink’s Adam

eBooks and eBook readers are the latest buzz in the publishing industry and more and more people now prefer to carry their digital books with them in their sleek eBook readers. What are you waiting for? Start downloading your library today.

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