It's Movie Night. Popcorn Anyone?

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It's Movie Night. Popcorn Anyone?

Just Go With It
Danny (Adam Sandler) loves women and the more the merrier. But when true love strikes in the form of shapely Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), Danny has to lie about the wedding ring in his pocket, the one he uses as a ruse to lure his targets into bed. He enlists Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), his assistant, to play his soon-to-be divorced wife. A very funny romantic comedy that nicely combines Adam Sandler¿s acerbic sweetness with Jennifer Aniston¿s down-to-earth warmth.

Johnny Depp is the voice of Rango, a dreamy chameleon who makes an unlikely hero. It is his fate, however, to be thrust with the heroic task of saving the denizens of Dirt, a town in the Mojave Desert, from losing their last trickle of water. The decidedly ugly Rango steals your heart with his vulnerability. Delightfully fresh animation, sparkling dialogue and the genius of Johnny Depp make this a must see.
 Red Riding Hood
Twilight meets an age old bedtime story. Naturally, the villain here is a big, bad werewolf who kills a young girl. Her sister, Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is the heroine, who loves Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), her childhood sweetheart, but is betrothed forcibly to the wealthier Henry (Max Irons). Who¿s the wolf? It could be anyone, according to Father Solomon (Gary Oldman), even Valerie¿s grandma (Julie Christie). As with Twilight, director Catherine Hardwicke relies heavily on atmospherics rather than on crackling dialogue or memorable performances from her cast. Still, most girl teens will lap up this not-so-scary tale with undertones of blood, sex and fear.
 Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son
For all ye slapstick fans, here comes the third outing in the Big Momma franchise, with Martin Lawrence playing undercover cop, disguised like before as an enormous woman. As agent Malcolm Turner, he¿s staking out some baddies when his adolescent son (Brandon T. Jackson) turns up at the wrong moment. They are noticed and must find cover, which they do at a girls¿ school. Sounds familiar? Rewind to Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in Some Like it Hot. Good for a few laughs.
 The King¿s Speech
How to play a stammerer, and a royal one at that, who evokes empathy instead of cruel laughter? Watch Colin Firth get into the skin of Prince Albert, an intelligent, good man, who struggled quietly with his problem until fate pushed him upon the British throne as George VI. Albert¿s silent pain and the darkness he lives in is reflected in the subdued gloom of the film¿s setting. Geoffrey Rush as Logue, the king¿s maverick therapist and Helena Bonham Carter as Albert¿s wife are a fine supporting cast. But it¿s Colin Firth¿s show all the way. Unmissable.


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