Become a Master of Graphic Design

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Become a Master of Graphic Design

More people are getting involved in the creative process of graphic design.

The traditional methods of hand rendering or pasting up collages have largely been replaced by computer graphic design software, which enables the designer to explore more possibilities in a shorter time.

So which of the software graphic design packages around can help you become a master designer?

Some are expensive, some are easy to use and many have extensive capabilities. Here are four of the best.
Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium

Adobe has long been a leading name within graphics software and the Creative Suite (CS) 5.5 package contains just about everything you need to create graphic publications for not only print, but also interactive solutions for the Internet and even for tablet devices such as the iPad. But all this functionality comes at a price, both monetary and in the learning curve. If you¿re familiar with Adobe products it will be easier, but if this is your first look at graphics design software, be prepared to be a little confused.
Xara Designer

Xara has been a well-kept secret for several years, overshadowed by the giants of the industry, Adobe and Corel. But among the faithful it is known for its speed, power and value for money, even with a somewhat dated interface. The Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 6, to give it its true name, has been updated recently and the speed of the graphic handling engine puts rivals to shame. And considering Xara Designer is but a fraction of the price of the major competitors, this is a real gem.
Photoshop Extended Student

Another offering from Adobe, the Photoshop Extended Student edition is aimed at higher education students only, with a correspondingly lower price than other editions.  But you will need a valid student ID to be able to install it. The software offers advanced digital imaging capabilities, including the addition of 3D elements to 2D artwork. It allows you to create images for print, the Internet and video applications.
 CorelDraw Premium Graphic

Built on the well-known CorelDraw Graphics Suite, the Premium edition adds capabilities for website creation, video editing and flash editing to the existing graphic design tools such as tracing and illustrating. The price is similar to Adobe¿s CS5.5 Design Premium and is a real competitor to that software. As a suite of three programs covering print, web design and video editing, there is a slight lack of flow between the packages.
As the old saying goes, you pays your money and you takes your choice. All the above packages will put you on the right track to becoming a master of graphic design!


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