Nintendo 3DS. Review

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Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS is finally here, giving the world its very first portable 3D gaming system.

The Nintendo 3DS bears a striking resemblance to the DSi but comes equipped with a touchscreen (320 x 240) on the bottom of the device as well as an amazing 3.5¿ three-dimensional screen (800 x 240) on top.

The coolest part about the Nintendo 3DS is that you don¿t need 3D glasses to be able to see 3D gaming effects.

In fact, the 3DS has an incredible 3D depth slider that lets you adjust the 3D effects according to your own preference.

Here are some other feature highlights of the Nintendo 3DS:
  • A camera on top of the 3D screen as well as dual lenses outside the console that lets you take 3D pictures.
  • Equipped with a gyroscope and accelerometer for more realistic 3D effects.
  • Stereo speakers with enhanced volume capacity (but not hi-def).
  • Compatible with most Nintendo DS games.
  • Smooth and compact ¿clamshell¿ design in a striking turquoise/black combo.
  • 2GB of storage (SD card) with the ability for upgrades.
  • Complete Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to communicate with other 3DS devices.
  • Major graphical improvements, crisper, sharper images for a more fun-filled gaming experience.
  • Numerous first-party titles have been announced to be in development for the 3DS. These include Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Kart, Steel Diver, Animal Crossing and Kingdom Hearts, just to name a few.
  • Exclusive access to 3D movies in association with Disney, DreamWorks, and Warner Brothers.
  • Access to tons of downloadable content in the months to come, including 3D versions of classic DS games.

Although it¿s a pretty neat machine, the Nintendo 3DS does suffer from a few snags.

The following are the main areas of concern:
The 3DS allows you only about three hours of gaming time with Wi-Fi turned on. However, the battery life goes up to about six hours with Wi-Fi turned off, which is quite impressive.
The 3D gaming effects, though very well done, can only be enjoyed if you hold the device properly (centre-front) and don¿t move around while gaming. So you¿ll have to find that ¿sweet spot¿.

The images you click with the 3DS are not a high-res superior quality because the camera¿s light sensitivity is not the best.

In spite of these minor drawbacks, as a portable gaming device, the 3DS is pretty remarkable. Games such as Face Raiders (built into the 3DS), Pilotwings Resort, Steel Diver and Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars come alive on the Nintendo 3DS and will leave you pining for more.


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