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Curl Up By the Fire with These Page Turners


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Conversations with Myself ¿ Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela emerged from prison in 1990 and went on to spearhead South Africa¿s first truly democratic election. There¿s been no shortage of books written about his life. Is there really room for another? Indeed, yes. Conversations with Myself is not so much a conventional book as it is a fascinating collection of real-life notes, letters, diary jottings and transcripts from Mandela¿s ghost-written autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom written by Author Richard Stengel. This is as close as you can get to the man himself. Quick, grab a copy.

Stripped the King of Teaze Vincent Marino

Maverick SA businessman Lolly Jackson¿s life was cut short by bullets in May 2010. His career was never anything but larger than life. Born in the Congo, Lolly started off as a used car salesman and went on to owning a profitable paving business. His friendship with a stripper named Monica turned his focus on to the business of strip clubs. That was the beginning of the now famous nationwide Teazer chain of night clubs.  Vincent Marino, his good friend, brings to life the colourful personality of Lolly Jackso

Killing Kebble - Mandy Wiener


The murder of Brett Kebble, South Africa¿s top mining tycoon, in September 2005 is the subject of this brilliant novel by Mandy Weiner. The investigation that followed the crime exposed a shocking nexus between Jack Selebi, South Africa¿s Chief of Police, and infamous Mafia boss Glenn Agliotti. Using her formidable journalistic skills, Weiner knits together a chilling account of Johannesburg¿s shadowy underworld dominated by drug lords and international smugglers in cahoots with corrupt state officials. You can¿t put this one down.

Sing You Home - Jodi Picoult


Gay rights are a hot topic worldwide and Jodi Picoult¿s Sing You Home leads us to the centre of it all. Zoe Baxter is a music therapist and musician, married to Max. Post their divorce, Zoe is in a lesbian marriage with Vanessa. Zoe is infertile, but Vanessa wishes to bear a child, from one of the embryos frozen for in-vitro fertilization by Max and Zoe. Will Max allow this? Not likely, considering he is now strongly influenced by a Christian fundamentalist group.

Not a Fairytale ¿ Shaida Kazie Ali
Shaida Kazie Ali¿s debut novel is the tale of two Indian Muslim sisters growing up during apartheid.  Salena is fair skinned, shy and obedient while Zuhra is her exact opposite in looks and temperament. Shaida uses the fairytale element skilfully and ironically, to point out that real life hardly follows the expected. There¿s plenty of humour too, in this wonderfully written first novel. A good read.

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