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Spice up your car

Technology has advanced considerably in the automobile world recently and two areas where changes have contributed to extra safety and comfort are headlights and in-car audio. Headlights On one side, research and development within car lighting technology has progressed amazingly; on the other, car stylists and an ever more discerning car buying public have pushed the range of options in lighting to more impressive lengths. Take for example the range of light globes available. Standard light globes are passé.

These days you can pick from a wide range of globes to suit each need and price range, whether you go for performance or style. If you want to give your car a unique and distinctive style, then the Osram Cool Blue headlight globes could be just the thing. Completely legal in South Africa, these globes provide a modern looking, blue appearance to your headlights. On the other hand, the Osram Silverstar range of globes, available in H1, H4 and H7 types, promise to give you up to 50% more light and provide an extra 20 meters of night vision than ordinary globes. And they last longer, too.

Reputedly the brightest halogen light in the world, the Osram Nightbreaker range, also available in H1, H4 and H7 types, gives an impressive 35 meters extra night vision through a 90% increase in brightness compared with ordinary globes. With 10% whiter light, the range also increases road safety by reducing eyestrain.

But the latest in technology has to be the High Intensity Discharge (HID) Xenon system. Unlike conventional globes which use a filament to generate light, the HID system uses an electrical charge to create an arc between two electrodes in a Xenon-filled, sealed globe.


Spice up your carIn-car audio

Here, the vast array of equipment, with MP3, BluRay, CD and DVD players leave the customer positively bewildered. Perhaps the most exciting innovation is the first wireless portable FM modulator that works with the majority of audio players in modern cars.

The concept is simple but effective. Just load the device with your favourite music from your PC, using the USB connection provided. Plug it into the cigarette lighter socket in your car and select a transmitting frequency. The device then broadcasts your music to your in-car audio device, allowing you to control volume and tone.

The device is particularly useful if you don¿t have an MP3 player in your car, allowing you to enjoy your favourite music without having to upgrade your existing car audio system.

A wide range of flash memory and a novel and fashionable design makes the FM Modulator an attractive and useful accessory for your in-car entertainment system.

Go ahead, spice up that car!




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