Important Tips When Purchasing Motor Bike Accessories

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Important Tips When Purchasing Motor Bike Accessories

There¿s nothing like the wind in your face as you sweep through a series of tight bends on a motor bike. Choosing the right bike for your style of riding is obviously important, but equally important is the choice of accessories. It¿s often difficult to know where to start with accessories, so here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Let¿s start with the most basic of accessories ¿ the helmet

Whether you enjoy touring, cruising, dirt bike riding or simply commuting to work, there¿s a helmet to suit. For touring, an open face helmet is the most comfortable choice as it allows easy access for drinking or the installation of a communications system. For cruising, many riders opt for the minimalist style of a basic skid lid, which has protection for the top of your head only, leaving your ears, cheeks and chin exposed.

For dirt bike riding, the majority of riders will go for a racing style helmet with full face protection and provision for goggle straps and a built in peak. For commuting, go for a comfortable open face helmet, unless you commute year round, in which case you may prefer more facial protection against the elements.
Whatever your choice, remember that helmets are designed to absorb any impacts and should be replaced at once if they have suffered any blow, even dropping on a hard surface. This particularly applies to laminated fibreglass helmets. And remember that an injection moulded plastic helmet may be affected by paints or chemicals, so be careful when customising it. Helmets do not only provide protection but are also used to express a certain style. Many helmets can be customised to have unique patterns which in some cases are used by Biker clubs.

If you do happen to fall off your bike, you won¿t always land on your head. It¿s important to remember that the rest of your body also needs protection. Traditionally bikers have opted for leather jackets, but these can be uncomfortably hot in summer. A better choice would be a combination textile mesh jacket that has a removable outer waterproof shell.

Some bikers also find it pleasing to wear gloves while on their bikes. Usually leather gloves are preferred. Gloves are not necessarily used for protection but rather add to the appearance of the biker. Gloves are very useful for long distances and during winter. Biker gloves come in two forms: either the glove will cover the entire hand or partially leave half the fingers exposed. It is up to the biker to select the most comfortable gloves.

Motorcycle boots are equally important. Remember, your feet are the closest to the road, so they need protection. At the same time they need to be able to work the controls, so your boots will need to be sensitive as well as protective and waterproof.

Furthermore there are various accessories that can be purchased to enhance a motor cycles ride and appearance. Handle bars and exhaust pipes are usually purchased for comfort and better performance. Bike tyre repair kits, manifold covers and headlight protectors are additional accessories which may benefit your motor bikes life in the future.

Apart from these basic essentials, you may also want to consider a GPS system to avoid having to drag out a map when you get lost, very helpful in the rain!  You can even buy a waterproof hard case for your GPS or smartphone. Another useful accessory is the cheap but effective crampbuster throttle control for those long trips.

Whatever your style of motorcycling, picking the right accessory can make your chosen hobby even more enjoyable. Time to hit the road!



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