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Welcome to the bidorbuy wedding portal, where you will be directed to all the places on bidorbuy that you will need for the perfect wedding. Find your beautiful bridal gown, the ring, the invitations, the wedding photographer and even book your honeymoon right here.


wedding dress


The Wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding for most women. 

To help you find the dress that is exactly right for you, be sure to go through our fashion blog, Alison Loves. You will find there general fashion advice, plus wedding-attire specific tips.

Wedding guests need to look gorgeous too!

So, who are you at the wedding? One of the bridesmaids; the mother of the bride; the groom or groomsmen in need of the perfect suit or tux; one of the flower girls and boys; or any other guest who wants a beautiful formal dress?

In any case, you will find all you need in the bidorbuy Wedding Apparel and Accessories category.







Taking care of your body is an important part of looking gorgeous on your wedding day. Start well ahead of time with skin care so that you are radiant in your photographs. Make sure you have a good cleanser and do make use of face masks and scrubs. 

It is also important to make sure your hair is in good condition for the day. Good conditioning treatments will nourish and soften your hair, adding shine and volume to it.

If you are thinking of changing your hair colour, experiment with at-home colour dyes months before your big day so that you are one hundred percent certain that you will love what it looks like.

It's a good idea to play around with make-up and fragrances which always look and smell different when they are on you. Keep your nails well manicured with home-manicure sets.

Peruse the bidorbuy Health & Beauty section for fragrances, hair care products, make-up and skin care products so that you are absolutely perfect on your wedding day.








Find your "something old" in our antique jewellery section or "something new" in our engagement and wedding jewellery section for stunning pieces you may want to wear on your big day.

Choosing jewellery to match you skin tone and face shape can really make you stand out on your wedding day, instead of your diamonds outshining you. Find out what the best pieces are for you before you buy them.

The most important piece of jewellery you will ever wear, on your wedding day and after it, is your wedding ring

If you are designing your own wedding rings and you are just looking for beautiful gems to use instead of the entire ring itself, visit our gem section.




Let bidorbuy help you make your wedding day something you¿ll remember fondly in 40 years time! Most importantly, enjoy it.