Learn How to Crochet

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Learn How to Crochet

Crochet, the well-known needlecraft, derives its name from the same French word meaning ¿hook¿. Crochet became popular in Europe in the 19th century, though its origins may go back in time to South America, China and Arabia. Today, people worldwide enjoy crochet as a hobby. It¿s a versatile craft and you can make a host of products with it, combining both beauty and utility.

Getting Started - What you will need
With a crochet hook, coloured thread or yarn and scissors, you¿re ready to go! Other tools you may require:


  • Tape measure, gauge/tension measure : used to measure crocheted fabric and count stitches
  • Row counter
  • Pom-pom circle
  • Cardboard cutouts: to make fringes and tassels

Crochet Hooks
You can buy crochet hooks made of aluminium, plastic or steel. For people who suffer from arthritis or other hand disorders, bone or bamboo may be a preferred choice as they feel ¿warmer¿ and more flexible. Crochet hooks come in varied sizes, depending on the diameter of the hook shaft.

Steel crochet hooks are typically used for finely worked items such as doilies. They come in sizes between 0.4 mm and 3.5 mm. Aluminium, plastic and bamboo crochet hooks are sold in the size range of 2.5 mm to 19 mm.

Yarn and patterns
Crochet yarn is available in the form of skeins or balls. The label or yarn band on the thread provides information regarding dye lot, weight, length and wash instructions. Keep this safe if you think you will need to buy more of the same yarn.


The tension (number of stitches and rows needed to cover a specific area for a particular pattern) is determined by yarn weight. The heavier the yarn, the larger the diameter of your crochet hook should be. Thick yarn also means less number of stitches and therefore, a quick-to-finish project! Bold patterns look good with thick yarn; for a delicate, lacy effect, use fine yarn. 

For starters, practise basic crochet stitches like chain stitch, single and double crochet and slip crochet. You can also include the half-double stitch and treble stitch. Once you are confident with these, you can work on simple projects like the granny square, a square piece of fabric made by crocheting outward from a centre. Make several granny squares and assemble into a host of items, purses, Afghan blankets and scarves. Hair scrunchies are quick and easy items to crochet. They make for handy gifts, too!

Among needlecraft traditions, crochet has been enjoying a revival of sorts. It¿s relatively easy to learn and a happy way to spend your free hours.


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