ANC 100th Anniversary Gold Medallions on bidorbuy

(20 October 2011) Several high value gold medallions specially minted to commemorate 100 years of the ANC (1912-2012) are currently listed for sale on the South African marketplace

The most expensive of them is the ANC Gold President Zuma medallion, which weighs 1kg and measures 10cm in diameter. It currently has the price tag of R1,254,000.

At R1,122,000, the ANC Gold Unity in Diversity medallion, also weighing 1kg and measuring 10cm, is only slightly less expensive.

The ½kg ANC Gold Unity in Diversity medallion measures 6.5cm in diameter and is valued at R594,000.

These big three 100th anniversary medallions were minted in a very limited edition, only one hundred of each.

The smaller 5oz (50mm diameter) and 1oz (38mm diameter) Gold Unity in Diversity medallions were minted in a bigger, but still limited quantity of 1000 and 2500, and their prices on bidorbuy are R211,200 and R72,600 respectively.

All 100th ANC Anniversary medallions are made of pure gold (au 99.9%). Each and every one of them is authenticated and comes with a unique number and a certificate signed by the State President Jacob Zuma.

The seller, who prefers to be known under the bidorbuy user name ANCgold100years, says that the pricing on the site is tentative only and that the medallions are expected to reach much higher prices. According to him, the scarcity of the medallions and their historical significance are likely to make them the most valuable medallions in the world. He believes that the medallions will be of interest both to collectors and investors and says that many international personalities, among them political figures and movie stars, have expressed interest in a live auction planned to take place early next year, close to the actual ANC anniversary. The ANC was founded on 8 January 1912.

ANCgold100years explains that they have opted for an early launch to give the local audience a chance to acquire some of the medallions before the holiday period at a price that they believe will prove to be lower. He adds that bidorbuy has been chosen for the launch of the medallions because it is the biggest marketplace in South Africa.

No stranger to high profile coin sales and auctions, bidorbuy was recently the online stage for the launch of the limited edition SARB anniversary coins by SA Mint. 

"We are thrilled that our trading platform is being used for such rare and valuable listings", says bidorbuy CEO Jaco Jonker. "This confirms that the online marketplace business model has come of age in South Africa."

ANCgold100years  is also selling on bidorbuy an array of lower-end products commemorating the 100 years of the ANC: dog tags, key rings, tie clips etc., with the prices ranging from R25 to R4,600. 

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