Classic Children's Novels

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Classic Children's Novels

Kid¿s novels are the perfect way to help young ones acquire good reading skills and fire creative thinking. Try this selection for many hours of fun learning and happy times with your kids.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Few morality tales can be as wildly entertaining as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory featuring the fantastic experiences of Charlie Bucket, inside a chocolate factory owned by Willy Wonka, an oddball chocolatier. Pure, madcap entertainment from Roald Dahl. Good for ages 6+.
The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint- Exupéry¿s 1943 French classic is a deceptively simple children¿s story that contains several deeply philosophical reflections about life. Parents of small children, beware. The Little Prince, who travels from space to Earth, finally returns home by allowing a snake to bite him, a conclusion that may disturb young ¿uns. (Age:  6+)
Dr Seuss¿s The Cat in the Hat
This amazing modern classic appeal to kids of 4+ years and anyone who loves a crackling rhyme. The hyper exuberance of Dr. Seuss¿s Cat and his bad behaviour doesn¿t detract from the fact that he is more lovable than the sensible goldfish. You can¿t find a better way to get kids interested in reading and the book will likely become a well-thumbed favourite.
 Winnie the Pooh
A. A. Milne¿s original collection of stories and rhymes differ considerably from the adapted books and movie versions, with a higher quality of language. In the benign, sunny world of the adorable bear Pooh and his friends; your child will learn many valuable lessons about friendship, kindness and love.
Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Moon (1947), an American children¿s classic by Margaret Wise is a delightful bedtime tale about a bunny bidding goodnight to all that¿s visible around its room, the moon, the light, a red balloon and more. Reading out the rhyming text is a lovely, soothing ritual to get children ready for bed. Clement Hurd¿s illustrations are interestingly detailed; the colour scheme changes gradually from a brightly lit room to a dimmer one as the sky outside grows brighter with stars. The smaller than usual size of the book makes it just right for little hands to hold. (Age: 2+ years)
 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
The adventures of Dorothy and her three oddball companions, a lion, a scarecrow and tin man are probably more familiar to modern parents in the famous movie version. But Frank L. Baum¿s classic novel contains a whole lot more. Read out this beloved fantasy tale to younger children. Kids in the 8-10 age group will enjoy reading it on their own.
    Invest in these evergreen children¿s classics and introduce your young ones to the pleasure of reading.


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