The Magical Powers of Gemstones

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The Magical Powers of Gemstones

In all cultures, gemstones have fascinated people for centuries because of their mythical powers, healing properties and astrological influence. Here¿s a list of some of the most popular and beneficial gemstones that can bring positive changes to your life.


Pearl: Invites success, makes you calm, increases focus and relieves stress.

Diamond: Gives you energy and strength, stimulates creativity and relieves pain.

Peridot: Imparts a sense of spirituality, increases self-awareness and protects against negativity.

Emerald: Enhances memory and intelligence, imparts emotional stability, relieves insomnia and invites love and romance.

Amethyst: Relieves headaches, protects from fear, detoxifies the body and aids spiritual development.

Garnet: Boosts business, increases popularity, enhances sex drive and helps cure skin problems

Jade: Helps cure almost every physical ailment, increases longevity, builds stamina and provides a sense of balance.

Ruby: Boosts love, romance and passion, helps build friendships, gives courage enthusiasm and generosity.

Blue sapphire: Brings great mental clarity, fortitude and inner peace and enhances communication skills.

Pink tourmaline: Enhances imagination and creativity and builds concentration, optimism and compassion.

Functions of gemstones

Gemstones for emotional wellbeing: Hold onto a garnet or amethyst whenever you feel angry and rub the stone until you feel calm. If you're stressed about something, use an onyx or moonstone instead. To battle depression, use citrine or amber. You can wear these gemstones as jewellery or carry them with you.
Gemstones for intellectual wellbeing: Citrine builds concentration and creativity and enhances problem-solving skills. Sapphire and peridot bring focus and mental alertness; black tourmaline aids memory and analytical skills.

Gemstones for sexual wellbeing: Wear a garnet to enhance sensuality, passion and libido, and a pink tourmaline to rid yourself of inhibitions. 
Gemstones for meditation: Amethyst is excellent for meditation when you use it as an object of concentration. When you¿re done meditating, use a smoky quartz to wrap up your thoughts and ground yourself.
Gemstones for love and romance: Wear a ring containing an amethyst and a citrine, side by side. Or, wear a pink tourmaline as a pendant (near your heart). You can also wear a diamond or ruby to attract love into your life.
Gemstones for protection: Place black obsidian near the door of your house to prevent negative energies from entering. A golden tiger-eye in your car will protect against accidents.

If you¿re faced with a specific challenge or struggling with a particular problem, you will find that the proper use of gemstones will help you along the way. They will not do your work for you, but they will certainly make you better equipped to overcome your problems.

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