Potty Training Tips

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Potty Training Tips

Potty training is a significant milestone in a child¿s life. But before you try to potty train your toddler, you need to assess if your child is ready to say goodbye to diapers. Pushing your child to use the toilet before they are ready will actually make the process more difficult. Read on for the dos and don¿ts of potty training.

How to potty train

Assess your child¿s readiness: If your child is able to walk or run steadily and remains dry for about two hours (or when asleep), your child might be ready for potty training. Your child should also be able to sit quietly for about five minutes, pull their pants up and down, and follow simple instructions.

Buy potty training equipment: Buy a comfortable adapter seat or a child-size potty seat that can latch on to your toilet. Involve your child when shopping for potty seats and buy the one that your child wants. Also buy some potty training pants which your child can take off on his own when he needs to use the potty.

Explain and show well: Talk your child through the process of urinating and defecating. Show him how to wipe, dispose of toilet tissue, flush the toilet, pull up the underwear, and wash his hands. You can even use potty training books such as Potty by Leslie Patricelli, A Potty for Me by Karen Katz, and Once upon a Potty by Alona Frankel.

Potty training. What not to do

Never force your child to use the potty or restrain her till she ¿goes¿.
Don¿t get angry or punish your child if he soils his clothes. Explain to him that it¿s not a big deal and that next time, he should try to use the potty.
Don¿t rush your toddler or compare him to others.

Potty training tips

Tell your child to use the potty whenever needed.
Encourage him to sit on the potty patiently and give him a book to read while he waits.
Praise her a lot and offer small rewards when she uses the potty successfully.
Most children love to flush the toilet. As an incentive for potty training, you can tell your child to flush the toilet, but only if they ¿go¿.
Potty training is a complex and lengthy process and takes patience. If your child resists being potty trained, take a break and resume after a week. While some children can be trained at the age of 18 months and can learn it in a few weeks, others might start potty training at the age of three and take several months to learn. Be patient; it¿ll happen!

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