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Lesser Known Essentials for a Good Home Office


Do you work from home, selling on bidorbuy? Or are you perhaps thinking about doing it?

You already know what you need when it comes to equipping your home office: work space, storage space, computer, digital camera, quality internet service, comfortable chair... The usual paraphernalia.

However, there are some less known factors that go into making a good home office.

The tips and advice bellow come from seasoned work-from-home entrepreneurs, many of them bidorbuy sellers. They worked for them.

Perhaps they will work for you too!

Get a room with a view

It¿s official: peering through the window every now and then is beneficial for your brain-power and increases your productivity. The best vistas are (unsurprisingly) the ones that feature an ocean, a mountain or a forest, but a view of a pretty corner of your garden will do just as well.

Avoid northern exposure

North facing windows can create too much glare, which is not conducive to a good work environment. Southern exposure works best, because you get a more consistent, indirect light.

Stay close to the facilities

Have everything you need for making a cup of tea or coffee close at hand and position your home office close to the bathroom. If you have to pass through the whole house for either, you are more likely to get distracted along the way.

Put distance between you and the fridge

On the other hand, you will want your home office to be as far away from the kitchen as possible. It¿s only too easy to overdo on snacking. And that is bad both for your productivity and for your waistline.

Use more than one monitor

You have no excuse not to. LCD monitors take up very little space on your desk and they are affordable. Once you start juggling between two (or more) monitors, you¿ll shudder to think of all the productivity you lost during all those single-view years.

Have a smartphone...

Buyers assume that you as a seller are available at all times. While you may not be happy with this, not being available may mean loss of a sale. Having a smartphone allows you to stay on top of your game. Make sure that your phone handles email seamlessly, and to remember to put it on silent before turning in for the night.

...and a dedicated business line

Cell phones are great, but they often do not match ¿real¿ phones when it comes to call quality. It is also a good idea to get a separate line for your business. Having a small child answer the phone does not project a very professional image of your business.

Choose your soundtrack

Or opt for silence. For some, music is an unwanted distraction. For others, being able to choose their own notes constitutes one of the perks of working at home. Those who belong to the latter group say that they like different types of music for different times of the day and for different tasks: a soft andante as a backdrop when on the phone, and an allegro as a perk-up in the afternoon, when fatigue start to set in.

Put on appropriate attire

There is no consensus around this one.
Some say that the best thing about working from home is being able to work in one¿s pyjamas. Others claim that the act of changing into ¿work clothes¿ helps them distinguish between office and home and that it can even affect their attitude and productivity. So, it¿s up to you to see what works best for you.


Get a gym membership

This one is non-negotiable. It dos not have to be gym, but it has to get you sweating and panting. We won¿t even go into the whys and wherefores. Suffice to say that regular exercise is a life-saver, plus a mood enhancer. So, just do it.

And whenever things get too much, as they sometimes tend to, remind yourself to be grateful that you are not working in some cubicle. All problems aside, everyone who got a taste of it says that working from home still beats working in an office.

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