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A Look inside Your Tummy, Month by Month

Moms-to-be spend a lot of time wondering what their baby looks like in their womb and what features it has. Here¿s a month by month guide to your baby¿s development inside the body.


First Trimester



Month 1

The amniotic sac envelops the embryo and the placenta starts to pass nutrients from mommy to baby and transfer waste from baby to mommy. The baby¿s eyes, heart, brain and spine begin to form and blood circulation starts. Your baby is about 7 mm in size, as big as a rice grain!

Month 2

The baby¿s ears, arms, legs, fingers, toes and digestive system start to develop. Facial features become more prominent and the central nervous system is well developed. Your baby is now officially considered a foetus and measures 2.55 cm approximately.

Month 3

The baby can now open and close its mouth and fists. Teeth start forming, along with reproductive organs and the urinary system. At the end of the third month, your baby is completely formed and is about 9 cm long. The most crucial stage of your baby¿s growth is now over.

Second Trimester

Month 4

Your baby now has a functioning nervous system. Extremities are well-formed, as are eyelids and eyelashes. Reproductive organs are fully developed and your gynaecologist can detect whether you're having a girl or boy. The baby now measures about 15 cm.

Month 5

The baby¿s body is covered with fine hair and a sticky white coat which protects the baby. Her fingerprints and footprints are developing and your baby is now about 25 cm long.

Month 6

Your baby¿s skin starts to get wrinkly and the eyes open. Fingerprints and veins become visible and the baby can respond to external sounds. The baby is now about 30 cm in length.

Third Trimester

Month 7

Fat is deposited in your baby¿s body your baby can respond to external noises. Your baby can kick strongly, but their lungs are still weak. The baby now measures 36 cm.

Month 8

The baby will keep developing and most internal organs of the baby (except the lungs) are well-formed. The brain develops rapidly in the eighth month and the baby is now about 45 cm in length.

Month 9

The baby¿s lungs mature and your baby can perform many basic movements. The baby drops down in the pelvis, head first, in preparation for birth and is considered full-term. At this point, your baby measures about 50 cm and weighs about three kilos.

So there you have it! You now know exactly what your little bundle of joy is up to inside your womb. Take care, relax and prepare for this very special time in your life.

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