Choosing the Right iPod

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Which iPod is Best for You?

It does not seem possible that the iPod has been around for over ten years. The first model, with its 5 GB hard drive, a monochrome screen and a not so sophisticated mechanical scroll wheel was the wonder of the age. Nowadays, there are several variations on the iPod theme that make it difficult to pick the best one for just your needs. So let¿s have a look at the four iPod models available and the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Apple iPod Shuffle

The cheapest and smallest iPod available is the shuffle. It was first introduced in 2005 and is least like the other iPod family members. Weighing in at less than half an ounce, it comes in a range of attractive, bright colours. The most obvious feature of the iPod shuffle is the lack of a screen. Indeed, the previous model did away with all the control buttons on the device itself, relying only on controls located on the headphones. This innovation caused quite a few grumbles from users and the latest model has brought back the control buttons to the player, although it can still be controlled from the headphones if desired. With only 2 GB of storage, you should avoid the iPod shuffle if you want to store lots of music.
Apple iPod Nano

The iPod nano comes in 8GB or 16 GB models, so it has definitely more storage capacity than the shuffle. It is also available in nine bright colours. The main advantages of the nano over the shuffle are the 1.54 square inch multi-touch screen and the built-in FM tuner. Although the iPod nano 5G model, introduced in 2009, had a video camera and video playback capabilities, the latest model, the iPod nano 6G removed these options.
Apple iPod Touch

The iPod touch 4G was released in 2010 and includes a front facing camera for FaceTime as well as a rear camera for video and still photography. The iPod touch is probably just about the best portable media player around, with the top of the range 64GB model offering more than adequate storage capacity.

Apple iPod Classic

If you want really, really massive amounts of storage on your iPod, then you can¿t go past the iPod classic, with its enormous 160 GB capacity. As the name suggests, the iPod classic features the iconic Apple click wheel control and has a minimalistic design, even down to the colour options.

If you just want to listen to music, then go for the shuffle, otherwise the classic offers the most versatility for music and video.

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