Choosing the Right Wakeboard

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How to Choose the Right Wakeboard

Wakeboarding, mixture derived from water-skiing, surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding, has been a popular sport since the late 1980s in Australia and New Zealand, when it was also known as ¿skurfing.¿Instead of using the power of gravity or the waves, as in snowboarding or surfing, in wakeboarding the rider is towed behind a boat, or in some cases, by a motorised cable.

As with many high-adrenalin sports, choosing the right equipment is a big factor in the level of exhilaration gained from wakeboarding. So how do you choose the right wakeboard?

Wakeboards come in a wide variety of styles, lengths and of course, price.
A good quality wakeboard will cost anywhere from around R2000.00 up to R6000.00 or even higher.

Consider your height, weight and riding ability when choosing your wakeboard, each wakeboard is made to suit a particular rider¿s weight, size and style of riding. A wakeboard needs to be sufficiently large to support your weight without sinking, but not so large that it is difficult to manoeuvre.

If your weight is less than 45 kg, then a good wakeboard length would be less than 130 cm. Conversely, if you weigh more than 90 kg, then you will need a board in excess of 140 cm to give you adequate buoyancy. An average person weighing between 60 kg and 80 kg should go for a wakeboard between 135 cm to 140 cm.

As well as length, the shape of the wakeboard is important. A smooth curve to the bottom of the wakeboard, known as a continuous rocker, will give you a smooth, fast ride and the ability to better handle curves.

A wakeboard with three distinct plane surfaces on the base, known as a three stage rocker, will enable you to generate more height when you hit the wake you¿re riding, giving you more time in the air. However, the flat centre section will cause the wakeboard to feel slower in the water and you¿ll need to work harder to manoeuvre.

Fins can change your wakeboard¿s performance; these can be either moulded in or attached by screws. Fins will give you a more stable ride, so are better suited for beginners. By choosing a wakeboard with removable fins, you can gain experience with a stable board before removing the fins as you get more adventurous.

Don¿t forget to buy a bag with your wakeboard to protect it from bumps and scratches. Keep your wakeboard out of direct sunlight when not in use; remember to rinse it in fresh water after use, and dry it off before putting it in your bag.

Choose your wakeboard carefully and you will be rewarded with many hours of excitement. Happy skurfing!



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