Bonding with Your Partner

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The Importance of Quality Time

Marriage counsellors will tell you that it is very important to spend some alone time with your partner, free from kids, tech gadgets and other distractions. Doing so will make your relationship stronger and bring you closer to one another. Here are some tips that¿ll help you bond meaningfully with your partner.

Recreate Your First Date

No matter what you did on your first date, try to recreate it as much as you can, right from wearing the same clothes to ¿dropping her home¿ at night with a goodnight kiss.

Cook Dinner Together

Cooking is not only therapeutic, but also an excellent way to have a conversation with each other about anything under the sun. Share the chopping, cooking and cleaning and enjoy your homemade meal over a candlelit dinner with soft music playing in the background.

Snuggle and Watch a Movie

Break out a light blanket (or a heavy one in the winter), put on your favourite flick (once you¿re done negotiating, of course) and snuggle under the covers. Whispering sweet nothings in each other¿s ears isn¿t a bad idea either!

Reminisce about Fond Memories
Play a game of ¿remember when¿?¿ with your partner. Open a bottle of wine and start by recounting a memory of the two of you that you cherish and then let the other person reciprocate. Take turns and you¿ll be amazed at how far you¿ve come and all the experiences that have made you a unique couple.
Play Poker

If you¿re good at it, poker can be a great way to have fun while spending quality time with your partner. While you can play regular poker, we recommend getting really creative with the betting! If poker is not your thing, you can play any other game that you both enjoy. Video games, however, may not be such a great idea because they limit the possibility of good conversation. If games are not your thing, you can try other ideas like taking dancing or music lessons together.

Have an ¿Affair¿ with Your Spouse

A sure-fire way to spice things up a little bit is to pretend as if you're having an affair with your partner. Set up secret meetings in hotel rooms, go away for romantic weekend getaways and send naughty messages to each other when no one¿s looking.

Mind the Little Things

Hug each other; hold hands for no reason and say ¿I love you¿ as often as you can. Little things really make a difference in the quality of your relationship.

You have to be deliberate about spending quality time with your partner. Doing so regularly will enable you to communicate openly, rediscover each other and make every second count.

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