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Functional and Stylish

Despite the rise in tablet computers, many of us still prefer to read actual books. You know, those antiquated things with pages and covers.

How can you store books so they are easy to browse and select? Books take up a lot of space, so it¿s important to select bookshelves that give you the best value for money, and is reflective of your style.

Firstly, measure the space you have available for your bookshelves. It¿s no good selecting shelves that suit your style and budget, only to find out when you get them home that they just don¿t fit.

Next, estimate how much shelf space you need to store your books. A simple method is to measure how many feet of books you have currently, then add around 10% for new acquisitions.

Let¿s take a look at some types of bookshelves, to help you decide.

Built-in Bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves can look great, especially if you follow simple design rules and try to line up the shelves with other features in your room, such as windows or fireplaces. Finish off the shelves with mouldings to match your skirting boards and ceilings.

Barrister Bookshelves

Barrister bookshelves are traditional cabinets distinguished by a clear glass front. They are easy to attach to a wall and can be stacked together. The glass front helps keep your books free from dust.

Corner Bookshelves

Corners are often the least utilised areas of a room. Bookshelves that wrap around a corner can be very attractive and make the most of this otherwise wasted space. Even if the corner is occupied by a chair, for example, bookshelves can be installed above the chair.

Ladder Bookshelves

The ladder bookshelf, with its leaning look, is an ideal way to display your books. With deeper shelves at the bottom for your larger books, you can store a wide variety of book shapes and sizes on a ladder bookshelf. Being free-standing, they can also be moved around the room to give variety.

Wall Mounted Bookshelves

Wall mounted bookshelves come in a multitude of shapes and styles. Be warned, however, not to overload them. Wall mounted bookshelves are only as strong as the fastening to your wall. As with built-in shelves, try to align them with already existing features in your room for best effect.

Tower Bookshelves

Tower bookshelves, as the name suggests, are much taller than they are wide. They frequently have a metal spine with metal shelves to give extra strength and add style and functionality while saving floor space.

So, whether you build your own or buy ready made bookshelves, you¿re sure to find a type that suits both your budget and your style. Happy reading!

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