How to Buy a Watch for a Man

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Selecting the Perfect Time Piece

Struggling to buy the perfect present for that special man in your life? One of the most appreciated gifts is a new time piece. But how can you go about buying the perfect time piece for him? A quick look through these basics should help you come to the right decision. Some of the terms around time pieces may be confusing, starting with complications.

OK, I know that the whole business may be complicated, but in this case the term refers to extra functions, apart from simply telling the time. The more common complications include a calendar or a stop watch. Whatever the complications on offer, make sure that they really add value to your intended purchase.

Movement, when applied to clocks, means all those tiny gears, cogs, and springs contained within the case that actually make the watch work.

The movement is probably the most important part of the time piece and the part that contributes most to the cost, apart from the brand name. Movements are usually spring or battery powered.

By far the most accurate system used by watch makers to tell the time is by measuring the oscillations of a tiny quartz crystal. The quartz crystal vibrates at a very exact rate in response to an electrical charge, usually supplied by a battery. In some cases, the electrical charge is generated from sunlight, or even by the motion of the wearer.

It may seem difficult to believe that simply moving around can generate sufficient power, but this is exactly what a self-winding watch manages to do. No need for a battery or for winding up the mechanism!

A self-winding watch contains a reasonably heavy semi-circular piece of metal attached to a gear train connected to a spring mechanism. As you move your arm, the metal piece is affected by gravity and rotates so that it points towards the ground. This tiny movement is transmitted by the gear train and winds the spring powering the watch.

Many watches claim to be water-resistant or water proof. Don¿t take these claims too seriously, unless the watch is marked as water proof to a depth of one hundred meters, or he¿ll be disappointed if he takes a bath or shower while wearing his watch.

There are many famous watch makers around, selling their time pieces for various amounts of money. Some of the better known include Rolex, Omega, Cartier or Tag Heuer, all of whom will sell you a classic time piece.

But for something a little different, check out a wooden watch from WeWOOD. The WeWOOD people say that you¿ll not only get a great looking watch, but also help the environment, because watches are made from reclaimed floorboards. Plus, the company has pledged to plant one tree for each watch it sells.

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