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A  Buyers¿ Guide to Sparkling Objects

Online shopping is convenient, quick, and fun. Buying gemstones online, while not exactly rocket science, requires some homework, since a mistake can bruise your pocket considerably. Have a look at our guide to buying  gemstones online:

Finding a Reliable Gemstone Dealer

Well-known online gem dealers value their brand equity and will offer detailed website information on their gemstone grading methods. Another mark of authenticity is to check if the online dealer belongs to reputed trade associations. Look for websites linked to offline jewellery stores. If your gemstone needs cleaning or any other services in future, this will come in handy. Check if the seller mentions a window period, say 30 days, in which you have the option to return your gemstone, a possibility that¿s entirely likely since it¿s hard to be precise about the exact size and look of a gemstone from a photograph on your computer screen.

Getting Started

Before buying gemstones online, ask a question to see if they respond personally and quickly to your query.

Having done your homework, it still pays to be cautious! If you are new to buying gemstones online, begin with relatively inexpensive stones, to test the waters and to see whether you¿re getting the gemstone you¿ve ordered. This also helps you assess the quality of the online dealer¿s service.

Colour effects on monitors vary considerably.  Before you get down to buying gemstones online, twiddle your monitor for contrast, brightness and gamma range to get the most accurate impression of gemstones advertised on websites. It¿s a simple, but essential step to avoiding unnecessary disappointment.

Buying gemstones online is not necessarily fraught with danger; a few common sense safeguards are all it takes to get going.  With growing experience, you could become a pro at buying gemstones online.


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