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If you¿re into gaming, there are a few buzz worthy offerings around to lead you into the realms of your favourite fantasy world:

Let¿s take a look at some of them:


The Last of Us

Remember Me

Naughty Dog¿s latest adventure game for Sony PS3 is filled with shoot ¿em up action in a land populated by bloodthirsty zombies, 20 years after a devastating infection decimated civilisation.

But it¿s more than just violence, you¿ll need all your intelligence to survive as our heroes Joel and Ellie travel the ravaged countryside. Released in the USA on the14th of June, 2013, The Last of Us will keep you glued to your console to the very end.


Capcom and Dontnod Entertainment¿s Remember Me is available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. It¿s a third person action adventure game set in Paris in 2084, where surveillance is the key and memories can be bought and sold. Our heroine, Nilin, an elite memory hunter, has been captured by the authorities but escapes just before all her memories have been erased.

Your quest is to regain Nilin¿s memories and bring down the evil authorities. Remember Me was released in the USA on 4 June, 2013 and while stimulating, never quite reaches the brilliant level.

Company of Heroes 2State of Decay

Sega and Relic have developed Company of Heroes 2 for the PC. It¿s a strategy game set in 1941 as Germany begins an ill-fated attack on Soviet Russia.

As a player, you¿ll need your tactical and strategic skills at the top level to take command of the Red Army to repel the attack.

Released in the USA on 25 June,  2013, Company of Heroes 2 promises to become as well regarded as its predecessor.

Yet another zombie survival game, State of Decay is developed by Undead Labs for Microsoft Xbox 360.

The few remaining survivors in a world populated by zombies must work together to gather essentials while recruiting other survivors and building a secure home base.

To be released in the USA on 5th June, 2013, State of Decay is up there with the best of zombie adventures.

 Rugby Challenge 2 

Tired of zombies and futuristic worlds? How about a touch of rugby?

Alternative Software and Sidhe International have planned the game to coincide with the British and Irish Lions Tour of Australia; it is available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms.

Released in Europe on 14 June, 2013, Rugby Challenge 2 is a top class game packed with myriad features and enhanced game play.

So whether you get your kicks from sports, on the battlefield or repelling zombies, there¿s sure to be a new adventure to suit!


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