Local Antiques and Collectables are Lekker

(30 September 2013) South African antiques and collectibles are very popular on bidorbuy.co.za, the local online marketplace. “We can see that South Africans are eager to preserve our heritage”, says the bidorbuy CEO Jaco Jonker.

On bidorbuy, coins are at the very top of the most desirable local collectables. The ZAR coins, Union of South Africa coins, Mandela coins, Republic of South Africa coins: all of them enjoy favour with shoppers, who are prepared to pay the top price for the right item. Recently, a 1902 Veld Pond coin went to the highest bidder for R450,000. This was one of only 986 Veld Pond coins minted during the Second Anglo-Boer War.

The Boer War memorabilia in general is sought after, and interesting pieces are as a rule snapped up by enthusiastic bidders. For example, an Anglo Boer War medal, issued to Veldkornet W.G. CARR, fetched R4000, as did a Boer War period police sabre in a separate online auction. Among the plethora of recently sold Boer War memorabilia, which included a map, a pair of binoculars, a hand-made pipe with a stand, a 1908 telegram, and so on, was a cartridge belt that went for R1200, even though it was not in a good condition. 

“When it comes to antique collectibles, the condition of the item strongly influences the price, but sometimes collectors are prepared to pay a premium for rare, authentic items seeped in history”, says the bidorbuy CEO.

The made-in-South Africa antique and collectible household items sold on the site are often in mint condition, like a large yellowwood and stinkwood desk that was sold for R5000. A 1920s fire extinguisher that found a buyer for R885 was also in an excellent state. It will probably be used as a decorative piece in somebody’s home, which seems to indicate that South Africans are looking at antiques in a new light and finding innovative ways to incorporate them into modern décor and lifestyle.

It is possible that this, decorative re-purposing of beautiful old object is at least one of the reasons for the enormous popularity of anything associated with the South African railway of yesteryears. Shoppers on bidorbuy have recently bought: a railway lantern; a shovel used in coal-powered engines; an SA railways ashtray; a rusty old can; and a railway padlock key to name a few. However, it is the railway plates that fetch the top price on the site: a brass Class31-00 train plate was sold for R5660; the Ixopo station plate for R4500; and a class 5E1 train plate went for a R2335.

Other popular collectables with a local flavour include South African Voortrekker memorabilia, Zulu shields and spears, as well as items like books or jerseys signed by South African personalities. Especially sought-after are Mandela memorabilia. A signed photograph of former president Nelson Mandela, with certificate of authenticity and a 90th birthday R5 coin, achieved the price of R10,100, and a 46664 cap with Mandela’s signature went for R5000.

“Although no one can be sure what the future holds, experience tells us that items hailing from a particular period as a rule increase in value as time goes by. However, even if that proves not to be the case, for many collectors the true value is in possessing something unique and filled with history”, says Jaco Jonker.

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