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The Curved Screen

We¿ve seen plasma screens, LCD screens and even LED LCD screens, but now here comes Samsung with a revolutionary new technology for an almost affordable price. It¿s called OLED, which stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes.

At around R91359.43 the Samsung KN55S9C is definitely not cheap, especially when you compare it with those earlier technologies. But if money is (almost) no object and you¿re determined to be the first in the neighbourhood with the latest technology, you¿ll love this 55-inch curved OLED TV.

What¿s so special about the KN55S9C? For the first time, the new technology offers a real infinite contrast ratio, which is definitely not the same as other manufacturers may have been claiming previously.

With the OLED technology, each individual pixel has the ability to change from the darkest black to an extreme brightness, even brighter than an LED or LCD screen can offer, giving a realism and depth to the picture that simply doesn¿t exist on other TVs.

The Samsung comes out of the box already mounted in something Samsung calls a ¿Timeless Arena¿ frame, which affords a place for the speakers and camera, keeping them well away from the screen itself. This does have a cost in terms of space requirements however, adding around six or seven inches to the overall width and increasing the depth to around 5.3 inches. Add the stand and the overall dimensions creep up to 58.8 inches wide x 30.6 inches tall and 14.3 inches deep.

In addition to the framed screen and the stand, you¿ll also find Samsung¿s ¿breakout¿ box and a ¿One Connect¿ cable, the idea being that all your other devices connect to the breakout box and a single cable then connects to the TV.

The Breakout Box Offers a Variety of Input and Output Connections:

¿    Four HDMI inputs
¿    Two USB inputs
¿    An Ethernet connection
¿    Digital and optical audio
¿    IR outputs
¿    RS232 outputs

Also in the box are two pairs of active shutter 3D glasses with built-in earbuds. These are the gateway to another Samsung innovation, Multi View. Basically this means that two people can watch entirely different programs full screen simultaneously. The glasses are synched to the TV and each program is shown alternately. And no, the technology doesn¿t affect resolution or fluidity of motion.

The curved screen is intended to add to the ¿immersion¿ experience and overall depth, but it really doesn¿t add to the viewing quality; however it¿s the only option currently available.

The conclusion? The Samsung KN55S9C curved OLED TV is just about as perfect as you can currently get, with incredible realism and depth to the picture.

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