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Stress Free Tips

Going back to school after a holiday can be a stressful time for your child. The transition from holidays to the discipline of school can be hard to take. Here are a few tips on making it as stress free as possible.

Set Routines

Nothing helps to beat the fear of the unknown like a planned routine. Give your child a helping hand by setting out a timetable for those bedtime and morning activities.

Look to establish routines, such as reduced early morning TV and pre-bedtime reading, around a week before school starts so they are well established in time.

Energy Boosting Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal for your back to school child. Cereals and fruit combined with yoghurt will provide the energy that your child needs to remain alert.

Try to avoid heavy, stodgy foods that will cause lack of attention at school. High fibre, whole grain bread will give them slowly digested carbohydrates to keep their blood sugar levels even and help avoid that mid-morning crash.

Afternoon Snacks

Just as important are those afternoon snacks that kids crave as soon as they walk in the door. If you don¿t have the time to have fresh cookies waiting, think fruit. It takes no time at all to prepare a fresh fruit salad, with bite size chunks.

Afterschool Activities

It¿s just as important as school time, but for many parents afterschool activities play a lesser role. Physical activities such as organised sport or dance lessons are great, but make sure a responsible adult is present.

Going to a movie or to a friend¿s house are less ideal, you may not have seen the movie in question, or not know too much about the friend¿s family life. Check first to be sure.

Get to Know the Teachers

Try to establish a rapport with your child¿s teacher as early as possible, preferably before the new term begins. Make sure that the teacher knows that you are involved with your child¿s education and want to work with the school for the child¿s best interests.

Homework Routines

The best routine to ensure that you avoid those dreaded morning calls at 7:30am, that yesterday¿s homework isn¿t finished, is to decide early on that homework comes first. A snack right after school, then get straight into the homework. Only then can the TV go on. And make sure that the routine stays in place. Kids don¿t need to worry about scheduling their time, do it for them and let them concentrate on the learning process.

Follow these routines, use common sense and your child will make that transition back to school without too many problems.

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