Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her Birthday

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When it comes to gifting something special for the ladies in your life, be it your daughter, wife or mother (and even your mother-in-law) you can never, ever go wrong with jewellery. But if you don¿t have the foggiest idea of what exactly to buy, here¿s a list of jewellery gift ideas for some birthday milestones.

18th Birthday

Needless to say, this one is one of the most special birthdays in a woman¿s life. Jewellery gifts for the 18th birthday should be fun and cute but also feminine. We recommend jewellery personalized with your loved one¿s initials or name. You can¿t go wrong with a ¿heart¿ theme. We¿re thinking heart and key necklace pendants on a 16-20 inch gold chain or a charm bracelet featuring hearts, stars, butterflies, owls, ladybugs, or lock and keys depending on what she likes.

21st Birthday

Jewellery gifts for the 21st birthday should be a little more subtle and delicate. You want it to be pretty without being flashy. Our best bet is to go for diamond ear studs; it doesn¿t get classier than that! You could also go for a pair of emerald or ruby ear studs set in antique gold, they look gorgeous. Also consider a delicate gold chain with a simple diamond pendant (could be a solitaire, flower, star, or horseshoe).

30th Birthday

For her 30th birthday, you want to give her jewellery that¿s practical but also feminine. To help you decide, think about what jewellery would be okay to wear to work. Our pick is an infinity three loop pendant on a delicate silver or white gold chain. You might also consider a gemstone bracelet with sapphires or rubies. Jewellery made of garnet and amethyst is also a wonderful jewellery idea for a 30th birthday gift.

40th Birthday

For her 40th, we recommend a gemstone centre stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds. If you know your lady¿s favourite type of gemstone, go with that and choose a unique setting. If you don¿t know what kind of stones she favours, go with blue sapphire, topaz, emerald, or amethyst. Get the ring engraved with a special message for your loved one.

50th Birthday

One of the most special birthdays in a woman¿s life, the 50th has to be memorable. Our top pick is a stunning pearl necklace. You could stick to the classic white or beige pearls or go for the dramatic tri-colour cultured pearls. A white gold chain with a black-grey Tahitian pearl and diamond pendant looks classy and elegant. Pink pearls set in rose gold earrings also look magnificent.

Whatever jewellery you pick up for your loved one, make sure that it is tasteful, feminine and versatile enough for everyday wear.

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