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What better way to spend chilly winter afternoons and frosty nights than curling up with some hot cocoa and a great book! Here, we bring you a snapshot review of some of the most popular 2014 bestsellers to choose your winter reading from.
The Target by David Baldacci

Assassins Will Robie and his partner Jessica Reel are assigned an impossible task by the US President. The high-risk assignment must be executed meticulously or else the President faces certain impeachment. As Robie and Reel prepare for their mission, some powerful people will stop at nothing to ensure that the pair doesn¿t make it out alive. And, in the midst of all this, Robie and Reel are being stalked by a deadly assassin. The Target is a tense thriller that will fascinate and surprise you.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

At almost 800 pages, The Goldfinch is quite the undertaking. The story revolves around a 13 year old boy from New York, Theo Decker, who survives an explosion at The Met. but loses his mother. Theo¿s father abandons him and he is then taken in by a wealthy family. Alone and confused, Theo longs for his mother and eventually finds solace in the world of art. The Goldfinch is a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel that¿ll enthral you with its intricate plot and vivid characters.

The Collector by Nora Roberts

As a professional house-sitter for rich clients, Lila Emerson loves her job. But one day, she witnesses a shocking murder/suicide and her life changes forever. The victim¿s brother enlists Lila¿s help to find out who killed his brother. Together, they embark on an investigation that takes them deep into the world of antiques and the lengths that collectors will go to in order to get what they desire. The Collector is an entertaining and engrossing novel (albeit a little too long), with just the right blend of romance, intrigue and action.
I've Got You under My Skin by Mary Higgins Clark

Three year old Timmy witnesses his father being brutally murdered. As the killer flees the crime scene, he tells Timmy that he¿ll be back for him¿and Timmy¿s mother, Laurie. Many years later, Laurie is producing a cold case crime show. The show is about to launch with a 20 year old unsolved murder ¿ that of wealthy socialite Betsy Powell. As Laurie works on her show with people who once knew Betsy, she finds out that everyone has secrets. And all the while, her husband¿s killer looms large, threatening to keep his promise. You¿re not going to be able to put this one down.
There you go! Take your pick, get a blanket, grab some cocoa and curl up on a cosy sofa with one of these 2014 bestsellers.


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