The Top 5 Ultrabooks

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The latest buzzword in mobile computing is ¿ultrabook¿, a word coined by Intel to describe an ultra thin, high-end laptop computer that uses a low power Intel core processor and an SSHD to provide the utmost portability and battery life.

If you're in the market for a new ultrabook, then consider one of these top 5 models from the major manufacturers.

Dell XPS 12-9Q33


The Dell XPS 12-9Q33 features a carbon fibre body for ultra low weight, a 12.5-inch Gorilla glass display for maximum resistance to scratches and an innovative flip screen design.

Dell claim a battery life of almost nine hours between charging, thanks to the low power requirements of the Intel Core i5 4200U processor. Drawbacks include the lack of expansion slots.





HP EliteBook 840 G1


First impressions of the HP EliteBook 840 G1 is one of let's get on with business functionality. It also features the Intel Core i5 4200U processor and a 180GB SSHD to reduce battery consumption, although claimed battery life using the standard battery is around 5½ hours.

The HP EliteBook does have a range of expansion ports, including USB, ethernet and a smart card slot.





 Lenovo ThinkPad T440

The Lenovo ThinkPad T440 series models have a well-deserved reputation as high quality business machines, and the T440 doesn't disappoint. It features a carbon fibre lid coupled with a magnesium chassis and a 14-inch touch screen. It has been designed to be as sturdy as possible.

The ThinkPad has the Intel Core i5 4200U processor common to most ultrabooks and with the standard battery, has an operating life of around 7 hours between charging.





Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus

The most impressive feature of the Samsung ATIV is the stunning 13.3-inch touch screen with what Samsung are calling QHD+ 3200 x 1800 pixel resolution. It is the most impressive display yet to be found on an ultrabook.

Inside the aluminium chassis is the usual Intel Core i5 4200U processor and a 128GB SSHD, while Samsung claim that the ATIV can be used 'all day' for a battery life of 11 hours, thanks to improved power management techniques.





Dell XPS 15

If you're looking for the top of the range ultrabook and have money to spare, then it's hard to go past the Dell XPS 15. It has a massive 15.6-inch QHD touch screen and inside the brushed aluminium chassis on a carbon fibre base is an Intel Core i7 4702HQ processor and 16GB DDR3/1600 memory which combine to give blistering performance.




Any of the above models will give you a great ultrabook; the question of which is best depends on your personal preferences, what you'll do with it, and your wallet.

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