The Evil Eye

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It's Meaning and Why We Love Evil Eye Jewellery

The evil eye is known as the malicious look one might cast upon another person, which takes the form of a magical curse, causing harm to its recipient. This supposed harm may come in the form of anything from minor misfortune, to injury, disease or even death. For the most part, any negative, seemingly inexplicable events can be attributed to the evil eye.

So What Does the Talisman Have to Do with This?

The protective talisman (also dubbed the evil eye) is worn in order to bend the malicious gaze back to its source. The talisman appears most often in evil eye jewellery in the form of a ball or disk made up of concentric circles of dark blue, light blue and white, representing the eye in a simplified version. This is evil eye jewellery is common place.


Where Does It Come From?

The evil eye has its roots in superstition and the belief of magic, but it¿s difficult to determine its exact origin. The evil eye makes appearances in the bible, the Koran, the works of Shakespeare and even in mosaics and murals dating as far back as classical antiquity.

Who Wears It?

Today the symbol adorns houses, vehicles and is worn in the form of jewellery primarily in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The evil eye has however, also been spotted as far afield as India, North Africa and even in South America. A plethora of cultures have found comfort in this simple talisman through the common fear of that which cannot be explained.

Variations of the Evil Eye

In the Middle East and India there is a common variation of the evil eye symbol which can be seen in the centre of the hamsa hand which appears as the palm of an open hand in the form of a talisman. As with the evil eye, the hamsa carries the same properties of protection.

A Few More Interesting Facts¿

¿    In Africa the hamsa with the evil eye in the centre of the hand is known as the hand of god.

¿    The evil eye curse may be cast upon not only humans, but also animals and plants and even inanimate objects such as buildings. All of which would similarly lead to any number of unfortunate mishaps.

¿    An evil eye curse is also cast through excessive praise as some believe jealousy to be the root of all evil.

¿    An evil eye can also be cast by an animal or the malevolent glare of an unaware person.

Whilst some may see the evil eye talisman as mere superstition, ultimately it continues to be a powerful belief which still affects the behaviour of people the world over, so we continue to wear evil eye jewellery.

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