The LG G3 Smartphone. Reconciling Beauty and Intelligence

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The LG G3 Smartphone, a Long Awaited Flagship

The LG G3 smartphone has entered the ring as a contender to be reckoned with. The new LG G3 specs push this little bit into the spotlight and allow it to showcase some great new advances in technology to an already competitive industry. If you¿ve never considered investing in an LG smartphone now is most certainly the time to do so.

5.5 Inches of 534ppi Display

First off, the primary draw card within LG G3 specs is undoubtedly the QHD (Quad High Definition) 5.5¿ display which produces a crisp 534ppi/pixel density which is noticeable when viewing photos or watching videos. Additionally wide viewing angles make this phone a must for any visually inspired tech fanatic.

Staying Focused

Next up is the laser autofocus camera which ensures some seriously speedy happy snaps. The photo and video interface appears stripped down to its bare essentials; the aim is to ensure easier operation with fewer fussy details to think about. This could be a drawback if you want to be able to control every miniscule detail; that said the automatic settings are a sweet deal. The bonus of the quick snaps is that you are more likely to get a good shot first time, besides, what¿s stopping you from adding filters and such after the fact?


No, we haven¿t forgotten the incredible Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip set and Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400 CPU. While it¿s the same chipset that powers the Samsung Galaxy S5, there¿s no denying that this particular spec is not only a dream come true, but also necessary to power the 534ppi display. Even though the extra processing power helps to power the display, the phone is by no means slow. The LG G3 performs incredibly well, even in the most demanding browsing and gaming conditions.

And Pretty

The build quality is dapper to say the least. LG have allowed for expandable memory and user accessible battery. The screen is edge to edge and the proprietary control deck sits in the back of the phone, allowing you to access the power and lock button below the camera lens. At first this configuration may appear inconvenient, but when you realise that the LG G3 smartphone allows you to wake your phone and monitor your notifications with a mere double tap, all is forgiven. The outcome is that your appreciation for good design is once again satiated by the geniuses at LG.
A Robust UI

The LG G3 runs on the Android KitKat OS which is complemented with LG¿s very own Optimus user interface which comes with some nifty innovations. Most notably are: the dual window feature, the knock code security feature, privacy protecting guest mode, preinstalled Google Drive, SMS floating window notification, sizable and intelligent keyboard and an LG fitness tracking health suit.
All in all, the LG G3 specs hit the sweet spot and put LG back on the map. What¿s not to love?

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