The Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Review

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So Apple have finally given in and decided to hop on the phablet bandwagon with the new iPhone 6 Plus. Hopefully the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are not merely the sum of their design overhaul. The iPhone is due for a revamp that extends beyond its casing; it needs to be both beautiful and unique in order to stand up to the competition. So we set out to find out more and hopefully put the critics to rest through an in depth iPhone 6 review. The Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Review

The Screen

The most obvious change is that of size. The screens of the iPhone 6 Plus measures 5¿5¿, and the iPhone 6 screen measures 4¿7¿, both are bigger than their predecessor; the iPhone 5S which is a miniscule 4¿0¿. The problem here is that the iPhone 6 doesn¿t have an HD screen, but the iPhone 6 Plus does have an HD screen. The difference is notable when the iPhone 6 is next to any other screen.

The Processor

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both have seriously upgraded Apple A8 processors and quad core graphics chips all resulting in a faster device with better graphics. The new processor is more efficient, so it¿s easier on the battery.


IOS 8 is preloaded on the phone, there are no major differences, but at least now you can save a contact directly from your email folder (Android users have been able to do this now for what are aeons in tech time). Some say that the IOS is smarter and more intuitive than before, but the consensus is that it still isn¿t as flexible as android.

The Design

The design, it¿s the most obvious change and while it is a lovely looking phone, there are some glaring ¿un-Apple¿ features in the design. Firstly the lens of the camera protrudes and secondly the plastic strips at the back of the phone aren¿t quite¿Apple. While a protruding lens really is a miniscule issue, and it¿s barely the sort of thing that bothers an Android user, we just tend to expect more from Apple though.

Build Quality

The build quality follows closely behind the design of the phone. The aluminium cover is exquisite, but it is less durable than even the glass casing of the iPhone 5S. They still haven¿t introduced waterproofing and dustproofing to their devices.

The Verdict

If you¿re upgrading from an iPhone 5S to the iPhone 6, you are unlikely to notice much of a difference. Unfortunately the screen is pretty much the same on the iPhone 6, and it doesn¿t even have optical image stabilisation. Not only in this review, but many other iPhone 6 reviews have found that the iPhone 6 Plus ranks far better than the iPhone 6 amongst its peers. The bigger, HD screen, optical image stabilisation and longer lasting battery are very important properties which at least give some reasons for consumers to keep with the iPhone brand.

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