The Signs of Alcohol Abuse

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The consumption of alcohol is entrenched in almost every aspect of our society. A glass of wine with dinner, a beer while watching the game, a whiskey with the in-laws¿ Unfortunately there comes a point when the consumption of alcohol becomes alcohol abuse. We no longer drink because it is our ritual, but rather make drinking itself the ritual. Recognizing the signs of alcohol abuse and getting help immediately is the best defense against alcoholism.
Alcohol Abuse
These Signs and Symptoms Are A Clue to Find Help.
  • Alcohol abuse begins to affect the life of the drinker. 
  • Struggling to keep up at work 
  • Continual fights with a significant other about drinking
  • The social life is affected by the maladaptive behavior associated with excessive drinking
  • Regularly putting themselves in dangerous situations such as driving drunk
  • Drinking excessively and to get drunk
  • Having blackouts, and no memory of what happened while being drunk


A growing dependence on alcohol which is more than binge drinking.
  • The constant excuse to drink, needing a drink to relax, sleep, cheer up or to deal with problems
  • Drinking is a constant source of turmoil
  • Continued drinking despite the negative effects 
  • Continual failure to fulfill major obligations at work, in social or home lives
  • Drinking alone
  • Feeling guilty about drinking
  • Trying to stop drinking but failing every time
  • An increased tolerance to alcohol, and drinking more to feel the same effect
  • Drinking everyday


The person may begin to realize they have a problem, but are not quite aware of the magnitude of the problem.
  • Losing a job due to drinking
  • Hiding alcohol in strange places around the home, mostly to avoid getting caught drinking
  • Drinking in the mornings
  • Lack of pride in personal appearance and personal hygiene
  • No longer eating properly
  • The alcohol begins to take its toll on the health of the drinker
  • Spending all their time drinking, thinking about drinking and recovering from drinking


In extreme cases where the person has developed a physical addiction and begins to experience withdrawals symptoms which are not due to a hangover. These withdrawal symptoms can be more dangerous than withdrawal from heroin.


  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Shaking
  • Sweating


Ultimately the slippery slope of alcoholism is one that claims no single sector of society. Men, women, teenagers, young, old, the rich, the poor, the religious, the secular, CEO¿s and street sweepers, they are all at risk of falling into the depths of despair with the help of the ever willing alcohol. Alcoholism is a disease that affects everyone in one way or another. If these symptoms and signs of alcohol abuse are familiar to you, it is important to 
seek help immediately.

You are not alone; there are various associations which offer their help, rain or shine, such as Alcoholics Anonymous. 

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